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    I have to say i am loving grid2, it has everything that i used to have to add as mini addons as standard and the delay is aggro indication is gone. YEY!!

    I cant seem to get access to the grid2raidstatusdebuffs options. I would like to be able to select what debuffs i want shown, (eg sanity is really pointless for me to see and it only serves as a distraction when i am looking for more important things) a simple option to turn off or on what debuffs you would like shown would be lovely. (Or is this already there and i cant see it for looking?)

    Another change i would like is the border size of each individual frame, i use that for aggro indicator and its far to thin, would it be possible to have a slider to set it to the size you like?
    I could always just ramp the scale up and then make everything smaller like i had to with grid, but if i could avoid that it would be much appreciated

    Sorry one last thing i cant seem to see an option to make or save profiles, i have a few alts and i have grid setup completely different from my main (resto druid) on a few of them.
    Again i might just be blind and not seen it, point me in the right direction if its there please.

    Even tho there are those 3 setbacks for the way i would like it to run, i am still using grid2 over grid for raiding. Keep up the good work its turning into a really nice addon now. Thanks for your time and effort in getting this built and running.
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