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    posted a message on FBagOfHolding - Inventory Addon
    Very nice to you Feithar to consider my suggestions :)

    GuildBanks, categorization, filters, compression ... this could really awesome to have all that in a SOTA bag addon :D (i think SOTA may apply to addons too? :p)
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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    Quote from Dragonspear »

    I am a Raiding Ret Paladin. Is there anyway that I can set this mod up to keep track of ALL judgements on the target instead of only my own?

    I think you cant with ClassTimer, as it has been developed to track your own spells.
    As posted before, you can try ElkBuffBars that will display any buff/debuff you want on a given target
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    posted a message on Recap by Hawksy - Unofficial Thread of Link Goodness
    If you really want to compare raid members, dont use dps but total damage done :)

    Mage1 did 500k damage for dps 500
    Mage2 did 200k damage for dps 900

    I really think Mage1 fight longer time than mage2, it may say mage2 spends it's whole raid time afk, and just fires a big fireball or 2 in a fight :p
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    posted a message on FBagOfHolding - Inventory Addon
    I will certainly test your addon soon, but before that, and as i didnt find info in this post or wiki,
    Does it support guildbanks?
    Or could it be a planned feature?

    Another feature from Baggins is bags compression (shows one stack of 70 items and not 2x20+1x10) i would be pleased to see in any bag addon.
    Btw, this second feature is clearly totally optional for me and many users :D

    Thank you for your time :)
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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    RatingBuster is the best item-compare assistant i ever found ...
    Works without bug for me since i started using it a few months ago, and all my friends love it :)

    So i post to thank the developer for its work, and may ask for a feature :)

    I explain:
    I'm feral druid with back heal role in many raid fights.
    So i really use 3 different armor sets ...
    - Bear for tanking (stats = armor, defense, dodge and stam)
    - Cat for dps (feral PA, critical rating, dodge)
    - Heal (int, +heal, mana regen)

    I actually need to display all these stats in RB tooltip to compare easily any stuff, but sometimes there is really too many stats to be readable :p
    So, i may ask if it could be possible to create different RB profiles and apply them with a modifier key?
    default = bear
    Cat = Alt pressed
    Heal = Ctrl pressed

    This is really a total optional thing, but could be of great help for, i'm sure, lot of ppl here (what about Pal with heal/tank/dps sets, clerics with solo/raid sets ...)

    Thnks for reading :)
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    posted a message on Who's Talking Frame
    I would plz need help too with this frame.

    Is there a way to totally disable it or, maybe, move it offscreen?

    I no longer need it (using pitbull) and cant find the name of the frame that parents all the "players voice" frames (as it seems a new frame is created for each speaking player)

    Thanks in advance for whoever can give me some help :)
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    posted a message on Babble-Tradeskill-2.2
    Is there still any addon that use this lib?
    Ackis, who first added all recipes to this lib for ARL no longer use it ... so it may be totally useless to maintain localizations.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Anywherebags doesnt have frame.
    You have to popup the menu and find by yourself, or use the search.
    Bah, this is the only Baggins drawback ... we can live with it ^^
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    posted a message on XLog - combat log replacement (Testing needed)
    Interesting idea, even if many say you can achieve a good result with blizzard options, i'll try to give a try to your addon :)
    Coloring for each event/source is really needed (at least for me :p)
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Quote from Kerecha »

    hehe, im not that familiar with editing stuff on my own :/

    It's really easy.
    Go in your skillet addon folder.
    Find the file Skillet.toc
    Open it with text editor, notepad will do it.
    The file should look like this:
    ## Interface: 20300
    ## Title: Skillet |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    #### Localization files
    #### Main files
    #### UI files

    The only thing you have to do is adding ## in front of this line:

    So it should look like:

    Save and exit, launch the game :)
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    posted a message on Manufac or Fubar Profession doesn't work for "First aid" in client FR
    A long, long time ago (more than 2 years i think ...) i helped FuBar_tcgTradeskills author to have its addon work with the french locales for first aid.
    I really dont remember what we did, but it worked :D
    You should drop an eye in the code, maybe??
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    posted a message on Character Sheet Equipper Addon?
    You could try swapmagic, does what you want with alt press :)
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    posted a message on cyCircled - Circled buttons for more than just BT2
    Quote from mixu »

    Are there any plans for a bag mod support? I'll switch to which ever bag mod cyCircled supports :D

    Bag mod?
    Or BagBar mod?
    You can skin most of the bagbars buttons i think (works with Bartender, bongos ...)
    If you want to skin the bags frames, maybe you should use something like skinner?
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    posted a message on Ackis Recipe List
    Quote from Ackis »

    ARL is being blamed for all the library add-ons (ace3, etc) which other mods are using. Running disembeded, ARL uses 0 cpu time and about 500-600kb of memory. Only the memory usage will go down when I make things LoD. The only processing that is really done by the mod is when you click the scan skills button.

    I totally confirm this :)
    ARL "just use" static memory unless you hit scan button.

    Ackis, it seems you still look for some options ideas, and i have some feedback from my guild:
    Could it be possible to add filtering options by type for some tradeskills?
    Example: Leatherworking produces leather and mail equipment.
    And some would like to ONLY show leather or mail recipes.
    I think this could be extended for other tradeskills ... like gem colors for Jewelcraft; Armor type/weapons for Blacksmith ....
    I dont know if ARL makes some tooltip scanning, or if the "mail/leather" part of a recipe is included in the recipe ID.
    But dont add bunches of code to add an "almost so useless" option if it pleases you :D

    Another time, thank you for your time on ARL ;)
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    posted a message on Addons not showing up
    Newbies are like that,
    They want everything, and NOW; not later :D
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