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    mass dispel reporting on felmyst not functioning as of April 14th for anyone else? seem to remember it working fine yesterday.
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    How did this person skin baggins to be in a single window?
    original post: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=6878.msg162930#msg162930
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    Quote from Rabbit »

    It would be really simple to add a filter for SCT or MSBT to notify.

    Get MessageEvent from the SVN or DevTools from wowinterface.com and find out the event yourself, and add a custom filter to one of those addons.

    Ok, I will do some testing.
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    Lightning Overload (LO): talent deep in the elemental shaman tree, 5/5: 5% chance on successful cast of lightning bolt or chain lightning to cast an additional identical spell at no additional cost.

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to create an addon that notifies the user when lightning overload procs. Without a mod the only way to tell if the ability procs is to watch for the graphic/combat log. With a pathetically low 5% proc rate it would be nice to have a message that grabs your attention.

    Also, it would be handy to keep track of the effective proc rate of the ability. What also would be cool if you could track the highest chain proc of the ability, that is, it can proc off of itself, (theoretically many times in a row).

    Maybe it is possible to measure the time between lightning bolt/chain lightning casts and infer that if there is no time between casts then LO proced?

    Maybe there is a certain sequence of events that would identify a LO proc?

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