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    Quote from Zorlac »

    It's completely broken for me now too, so much broken that's it's sticking 2 little spheres in the middle of my screne on ALL of my characters.

    Same here. The main sphere is looking like a scary purple guy, the spheeres are all over the place, and all give mouseover errors. I'm trying to restore an old version now.
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    Is there any way to keep from breaking backwards compatibility with every new release? Or at least only release a new release once a day or something? I know that you are putting in a lot of hard and unpaid work on this mod, but we have to have the entire raid download the mod at once or else nothing works, and half the time a new version is posted when people are downloading so people are still ending up incompatible.

    67718 was still buggy on Bloodboil and souls yesterday and we still had to clear omen on the illidan phase changes, but everything else seemed to work fine.

    Thanks for all your hard work!
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    Thanks for all your work on this mod. It is appreciated!

    We were having a few issues tonight that I tried to document with screenshots. I did update before raid but looks like a newer version came out mid-raid so perhaps my issues are no longer there.


    First of all, on Illidan, Omen would read nothing until after first shadowfiends were killed. This never happened on any other boss, just Illidan.

    Secondly, warlock pets were occassionally being shown on the meter but in a strange sort of overlap

    At random times in fights <unknown> had a bar all to himself. This bar would come and go, but I couldn't ever decide what it corresponded to.

    Our locks were also complaining of the soulshatter throwing up an error box that someone mentioned earlier in this thread. Also, I remember on the old Omen that even if I was way low in threat, I still showed up as the bottom bar. Is that not an option here anymore because I don't seem to be able to find it?
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