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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    not really gonna read through all 28 pages :x
    so I apologize if it's been asked/awnsered already

    but a more accurate scaling in the ingame settings would be cool
    can't even set all the sliders to the same %
    some go 149, 151, 152, another goes 149, 152, 153, etc. (while I just wanted 150 actually ;p)

    another (less important) request would be a possiblity to show an example frame.
    it's really hard to set up Party/Raid/Pets/ToT frame if you're just alone.

    & then ofc ToTT, but you know that's my (& others') request already :p
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    posted a message on EavesDrop 2.0 (a SCT style combat log)
    getting error in the latest version

    [2006/08/31 16:38:01-108]: EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua:603: attempt to perform arithmetic on local `damage' (a string value)
    EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua:603: in function `GetOverheal'
    EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua:281: in function `func'
    ParserLib\ParserLib.lua:555: in function `NotifyClients'
    ParserLib\ParserLib.lua:522: in function `OnEvent'
    ParserLib\ParserLib.lua:288: in function <...ace\AddOns\!!!Libraries\Libs\ParserLib\ParserLib.lua:288>

    don't really know exactly what caused it tho
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