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    Hmm, I think my suggestion is similar to what Krabat mentioned.

    I'd like to be able to right click (or shift-click, ctrl-click, whatever) on a totem in the popup menu to move it to the "active" totem slot for that element. Then be able to use the macro to stomp whichever four totems are in the "active" slots currently (Is this possible already? I couldn't find a way of doing it).

    I find this a much easier method of switching totems than having to manage sets, as I often just need to switch in a resist or curing totem for one particular fight.

    Not sure if it's really within the scope of this addon, but it would be nice to see it considered.
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    Great addon - one small suggestion:

    I like to use alt-leftclick to add stuff from my inventory to the sell frame, however I always want to check the price before actually putting the auction up (especially for items that I haven't auctioned before).

    I commented out the StartAuction(..) line in my local copy for now, but perhaps you could implement this as an option?

    Edit: Oops. It was StartAuction, not ClickAuctionSellButton that I needed to comment out.. :)
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