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    This might not help due too i forgot to copy error report, but you might know what the error is. I think its coming from xperl.lua on line 599; Sometime when i log on my Warlock it does this Error any clue? Once i get it again ill post it here.

    3.0.5e version btw..
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    Question, About Vehicle Bars.
    When in Uld 25/10mans.. Doing four tower Flame Leviathan. When i am shot out of the demolisher on to FL. Once i am done with turrets and back on the demolisher my Vehicle Bar is gone. I then try to do /console reloadui trying to get them back, but that doesn't seem work. I have tried the Default UI bars by blizzard and still does the same thing. Any clues on how to get bars back once this happens?

    List of Addon's
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    Quote from CYPSYAN
    thanks again for you link but that only fix the simple minimap errors right?
    is there anything that can be done about the achivement/quest tracker full all the time?, i tried to erase all code related to achievement/quest but still dont change anything :(

    yeah, i had tried delete all my addons i still can't track more than 1 quest. can't even track a Achievement either. I'm thinking its blizzard error in codes. it seems to only do it once in a blue moon.
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    Just a quick noob, question.. Is there any plans in the future to add a option to move the "Clock" on mini map? Not sure if this has been said yet.. Didnt take the time to read the whole forum topic :( >.>

    SiN, Out.

    btw, thanks for keeping the mod up to date.
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