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    I've just installed Bartender4 -77135 but I can't do anything to configure bar 1-10.
    Bar 1 is enabled on my screen, bar 2-6 are probably enabled but don't show.
    Bar 7-10 can be enabled and their name will show.
    All bars have an empty general settings tab and I can't put any action button into eg bar 1.

    Both the micro and bag bar however do have a working general settings tab.

    Will it be possible in the future to change the micro bar to vertical as well ?
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    Looks like I found a bug in trainerfu.
    While levelling my mage two things showed up to learn from the trainer :
    bolt of silk
    bolt of silk cloth
    After training the one thing left is bolt of silk but if I move my mouse over it it says bolt of silk cloth.
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