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    Quote from Lightshade
    I'm not the big LUA coder but I:

    - Used the editor "Notepad++"
    - Seached for "The Obsidian Sanctum" in "Loggerhead/Libs/LibTourist-3.0/LibTourist-3.0.lua"
    - Copy pasted a new line with "The Ruby Sanctum" every where that I "The Obsidian Sanctum" occcured.

    This should add RS to the list in Loggerhead.

    You can also download the updated Lib Tourist library from here:

    Then drop it in the ../Loggerhead/Libs folder.

    Not sure if you'll also need the LibBabble-Zone update?

    I just updated them both together and it works fine now.
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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    Quote from Mere
    go to \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\GridIndicatorSideIcons and open GridIndicatorSideIcons.lua

    change the following lines

    local GridFrame = GridFrame
    local GridFrame = Grid:GetModule("GridFrame")


    GridIndicatorSideIcons = GridStatus:NewModule("GridIndicatorSideIcons")
    GridIndicatorSideIcons = Grid:GetModule("GridStatus"):NewModule("GridIndicatorSideIcons")

    Gahhh!!! I wish I had found this earlier! I figured it out on my own - but this would have saved me so much time :|
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    posted a message on [Grid] GridIndicatorCornerIcons
    I'm using the r41 release of GridIndicatorCornerIcons with the latest release of Grid (I believe it's the r1293 release). Since installing the latest version of Grid I'm getting errors that the GridFrame and GridStatus globals aren't recognized.

    The error thrown was from line 14 of the GridIndicatorCornerIcons.lua. When I looked at how it was defined in other working mods, I found that there is a difference in the call. I modified the lua on my machine to verify that this was the error.

    Line 14:
    GridIndicatorCornerIcons = GridStatus:NewModule("GridIndicatorCornerIcons")

    Corrected Line:
    GridIndicatorCornerIcons = Grid:GetModule("GridStatus"):NewModule("GridIndicatorCornerIcons")

    This change corrected the error I was getting for unrecognized GridStatus.

    I also added the line
    local GridFrame = Grid:GetModule("GridFrame")

    and this corrected the error I was getting for unrecognized GridFrame.

    I was also getting this with:

    I made the same corrections to their lua files with the same positive results.

    These are great addons to Grid and I absolutely love them! I couldn't find a way to ticket this problem directly to your project - so I'm posting it here in hopes you find it! I'm still not over the loss of GridStatusLineofSight :-( I'd hate to lose these too!
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    Any work on a PTR release for 3.3? As mentioned before the micro menu isn't displaying and last night there were problems with the pet (bite) bar showing up in the Blood Queen Lana'thel encounter.

    Although maybe this isn't really a "pet bar" per se? You don't really have a pet but rather a debuff which requires you to "bite" another player or become mind controlled. You need to have the bite action.

    Other raid members who didn't use Bartender4 reported this as being bound to their 1 slot on their pet bar (F1 bound for me). I tried to just use the keybind I normally have with a pet bar, but the bind didn't work either.

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