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    posted a message on CooldownTimers 2.0
    I only had a quick look though the thread,
    so I don't know if it isn't asked already:

    I'm having my spell cooldowns growing upwards (Global Setting) and
    my ItemCooldown set growing downwards (overwriting global setting) but
    it seems CDT2 seems to ignore my ItemCoolDown setting.
    So I have to manually set it to grow downwards each time
    I log on or reload the interface.

    The fubar plugin shows that its set as growing downwards, which isn't the case.
    So I guess the setting is saved but not recalled correctly.

    And are the fixes provieded here already included into the official release or
    should I download the modified release?
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    To prevent WAU fom updating an addon
    you just have to put a .svn folder into the addon folder.

    Since the explorer doesn't like folder with a dot at the beginnen,
    you might have to start the DOS-Shell,
    navigate to the addonfolder and type "mk .svn".

    Hope that helps.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    I guess you update with externals.
    In that case everything is fine, since most of the updates were probably just
    external updates and no changes to the addon in question.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    I'm glad that you like the changelog summary,
    that way I didn't wreck my nerves for nothing writing it.

    Also I like the new changes in WoWAceUpdater.
    Keep up the good work. :D
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    posted a message on WAU - Changelog summary
    Yes the changelog is created after the addons have been updated,
    although it is not shown if there aren't any "real" changes,
    for example when only libs are updated.
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    posted a message on WAU - Changelog summary
    It took some time but I implemented the feature myself.
    If you're interested, I didn't change much in the original sourcecode,
    I only added three lines to it in addition to my own code:

    In MainForm.DownloadAndExtract add
    ChangeLog.AddAddon(addonName, localRev, remoteRev);

    after the declaration of localRev & remoteRef

    In backgroundWorker1_DoWork add

    Just before the while loop

    after it.

    Then add the file ChangeLog.cs to the project (attachment).
    Now you're done, enjoy.

    Here is a preview of the changelog summary.

    If you don't have the means to do that and still want to test it get the exe. (also attachment)
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    posted a message on WAU - Changelog summary
    I wrote my own ACE updater but I abandoned it,
    since I'm on some other project now.

    It worked fine until now, but since the recent changes it doesn't work anymore.
    Therefore I went back and used WAU again.
    It has everything I would like it to have but one thing, a Changelog Summery:
    After Updating the addons I created a html which included only the newest changes
    to an addon, so you have a quick overview on the changes made.

    I wrote my Program in VB .NET so I don't know if you can use it,
    but here is the code I used to create the changelog summery:
    Public Structure AddonStrc
      Dim Name As String
      Dim LocalVersion As Double
      Dim PriorUpdateVersion As Double
    End Structure
      Public Sub CreateChangelog(ByVal Addons() As AddonStrc)
        Dim Addon As AddonStrc 'array of checked addons
        Dim I As UInt32
        Dim Change As String
        Dim HTML As String = "<html><head></head><body><h1><center>Changelog</center></h1><p /><p />%Content%</body></html>"
        Dim AddonHeaderLog As String = "<hr /><h3>%AddonName% - Changes from %OldRev% to %NewRev%</h3>"
        Dim AddonFooter As String = "<p />"
        Dim HTMLBody As String = ""
        Dim Changes() As String
        Dim Temp As String = ""
        Dim TempContainer As String = ""
        Dim AddonChangeLog As String = ""
        For Each Addon In Addons 'go through every checked addon after update
          If Addon.LocalVersion > Addon.PriorUpdateVersion Then 'only if there is a newer version
    		'###ADDON Container Loop##########
            Temp = Replace(AddonHeaderLog, "%AddonName%", Addon.Name)
            Temp = Replace(Temp, "%OldRev%", Addon.PriorUpdateVersion)
            Temp = Replace(Temp, "%NewRev%", Addon.LocalVersion)
            HTMLBody = HTMLBody & Temp 'add previous addon changes to HTMLBody
            Temp = ""
            AddonChangeLog = ""
            Changes = GetChangelogInfo(Addon) 'get only recent changes from the changelog
            If Changes Is Nothing Then
              Continue For
            End If
    		If InStr(Changes(1), "<?xml version=") <> 0 Then 'skip xml styled changelogs
    			Continue For
    		End If
            For Each Change In Changes
    		  '###ADDON changelog Loop##########
              If (Change.Trim("-") = "") Or (Change = "" Or Mid(Change, 1, 3) = "  ") Or (Change = "Changed paths:") Then Continue For 'skip line if its not a change
              If InStr(Change, " | ") <> 0 Then 
                If Mid(Change, 1, 1) = "r" And UInt32.TryParse(Trim(Mid(Change, 2, InStr(Change, "|") - 2)), I) Then 'Version header
                  If TempContainer <> "" Then 'skip first time
                    AddonChangeLog = Replace(TempContainer, "%Changes%", Temp) & AddonChangeLog 'add version changes to changelog summary
                    Temp = "" 'reset for next version changes
                  End If
                  TempContainer = "<ul><li>" & Change & "</li>%Changes%</ul>" 'add header
                  Continue For
                End If
              End If
              Temp = Temp & "<li>" & Change & "</li>" 'add change
    		  '###ADDON changelog Loop##########
            AddonChangeLog = Replace(TempContainer, "%Changes%", Temp) & AddonChangeLog & AddonFooter 'add last change + add footer
            HTMLBody = HTMLBody & AddonChangeLog 'add last addon to Body (for each missing last addon)
            TempContainer = ""
    		'###ADDON Container Loop##########
          End If
        HTML = Replace(HTML, "%Content%", HTMLBody) 'add html things
        My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText(Application.StartupPath & "\ChangeLog.html", HTML, False)
      End Sub
      Private Function GetChangelogInfo(ByVal Addon As AddonStrc) As String()
        Dim TocPath As String = GetGameAddonPath() & Addon.Name & "\changelog-r" & Addon.LocalVersion & ".txt"
        If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(TocPath) Then
          TocPath = GetGameAddonPath() & Addon.Name & "\Changelog-" & Addon.Name & "-r" & Addon.LocalVersion & ".txt"
          If Not My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(TocPath) Then
            Return Nothing
          End If
        End If
        Dim TXTContent As String = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText(TocPath)
        Dim Temp As String = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(TXTContent, 2) 'getting wordwrapping chars (lf cr)
        TXTContent = Replace(TXTContent, Mid(Temp, 1, 1), Mid(Temp, 2, 1))
        TXTContent = Replace(TXTContent, Mid(Temp, 2, 1) & Mid(Temp, 2, 1), Mid(Temp, 2, 1)) 'replace to one char
        If InStr(TXTContent, "r" & Addon.PriorUpdateVersion) <> 0 Then
          Return Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(TXTContent, InStr(TXTContent, "r" & Addon.PriorUpdateVersion) - 1).Split(Mid(Temp, 2, 1)) 'old version found, cut older version changes off (split into lines)
          Return TXTContent.Split(Mid(Temp, 2, 1)) 'return the the wohle thing (split into lines)
        End If
      End Function
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    posted a message on Give me back human readable changelogs!!!!!
    I don't want to add more fuel into the discussion but...

    I thought the xml part was a good idea:
    With it you can easliy create a document which is easier to read than the txt file and
    you can custimize it to no end to fit your needs.
    The best part you don't have to do anything, just double click the xml file and
    you can geat a neat table with the list of changes.
    (It is even possible to change the order to oldest -> newest without any problems)

    The only thing that the authors of the program which creates the xml changelog file would have to do,
    is create a xsl file (which translates the xml file to a readable document) and put a reference to it in the xml file.

    The enduser doesn't have to do anything.

    I've attached an xml file (a changelog from Ace2 in xml format) where I just added the reference to the xsl file.
    Open it and you see what I mean.

    I just noticed it doesn't work with FF, working on it.

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    posted a message on Give me back human readable changelogs!!!!!
    Well it is super basic, but better than nothing.
    I made a little xsl file which lists the changes in a table.

    Although to make it work sime changes have to be made:
    1. Renaming the changelog file extention to xml
    2. adding the line [TT]<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="changelog.xsl"?>[/TT] after [TT]<?xml version="1.0"?>[/TT]
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="changelog.xsl"?>

    3. Place the xsl into the same folder as the changelog file
    EDIT: Since I'm not allowed to upload xsl files, you have to rename the attached xml file back to xsl
    4. Open the xml file with your browser

    Maybe someone else has done something better or is willing to extend mine.
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    posted a message on Cartographer
    I mostly play my char with alot of Keyboard & Mouse combinations like
    Ctrl + Mouse5 or Ctrl + Alt + Mouse 4.

    Now my problem:
    While I'm hovering the map those combinations don't work,
    as soon as a mousebutton is used in those combinations.

    I have this problem with some other addons as well.
    (CT_Viewport while the mouse is in the black part they don't work either)

    Since I don't think that its a bug, I was wondering if it were possible to implement a feature to let those mousecombinations through.
    (Maybe another button near the lockbutton)
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    posted a message on Foreign Client Channel Workaround
    Living with it is the one thing I do not want to do
    and will not if I somehow can make it "work" again.

    Of course this could be too much but I'd rather implement
    some filtering or pick every second message than giving up.
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    posted a message on Foreign Client Channel Workaround
    LFGExile = AceAddon:new({
    	name			= "LFGExile",
    	version		= "0.1",
    	releaseDate	= "01-10-2006",
    	aceCompatible	= "1.3",
    	author		= "Arokh",
    	email			= "DvdKhl@web.de",
    	website		= "http://www.wowace.com",
    	category		= "others",
    function LFGExile:Enable()
    	self:RegisterEvent("CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL", "FilterLFGMessages");
    function LFGExile:FilterLFGMessages()
    	if( gfind(arg9, "LookingForGroup - City") ) then
    		self:PostToChannel("[" .. arg2 .. "] " .. arg1);
    function LFGExile:PostToChannel(Message)
    	SendChat(Message, "CHANNEL", "COMMON", GetChannelName("LFGExile"));

    Thats my first try and I'm getting an error when I call the function SendChat.
    LFGExile.lua:24: attempt to call method `SendChat' (a nil value)
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    posted a message on Foreign Client Channel Workaround
    As you might already know since 1.9 the out of zone channel joining is disabled.
    Well I could live with that, but this has also effects on every client that has a different server language
    since the standart channels are hardcoded into the client in its language,
    so I cannot join (in my case) the german channel "SucheNachGruppe - Stadt" etc.
    because the client treats it as ooz channels.

    There is already a workaround but this involes hacking the client and there has been a warning
    that using the hack could involve a permanent account ban and I don't like to take that chance :)

    So here is my idea for a workaround:
    Some people who have the same language version as the server would add this addon to their list.
    The addon then copys the strings from "SucheNachGruppe - Stadt" if they are in the channel
    to another channel where everybody could join that channel who has the ooz problem.
    Since one person would not be enough because he wouldn't be in the City forever
    I thought to give that addon to more and only the channel moderator pastes the data into that channel and
    gives the rights to another one with the addon and is in the server channel, who continues posting the data and so on.
    Of course there are some problems when someone has the rights and doesn't have this addon,
    but there should be also a solution for that too.

    To not annoy Blizzard (because this would allow ooz channel "joining" again)
    it would kick all the players who are not in a City.

    I also will try to code that addon but I have only very limited knowlege in Lua with the WoW environment.
    So if someone would like to help me or point me into the right directions, I would be most greatful.

    Off looking for addons to get some ideas :)
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