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    The way Violation calculates personal DPS seems very odd. It's like it counts the highest *burst" dps someone did in a very short time frame. We usually have mages on top of the DPS chart (2k dps and up), but far below others on actual damage done for a fight. This needs to be fixed first before it can be translated into overall raid DPS.

    From what Ive seen (not looking at the code mind) and personal experience, the explanation for this is how DPS is tracked in violation, I could be wrong and I'm sure someone with more knowledge of LUA will state here if it is so .

    Violation seems to work out its calculation from the player entering combat to leaving combat, not from when the combat first starts to when the combat ends, as these are not always the same thing, this causes the difference you see.
    Violation "seems" to informs you of your actual DPS while "active", while Damage meters for example "seems" to work out your DPS from when combat starts (from anyone in your group/raid) to when that combat ends.

    I for a long time, ran both damage meters and violation to compare and find out which ones I liked and compared them to damage logs and thats what I came up with, though its been sometime since I did that.
    It doesn't mean Violation is wrong, in fact both figures of DPS are interesting and valid, more or less depending on the situation and what you want to see, as both methods have flaws and advantages.

    If you see high DPS results for mages on your raid, but not matching high damage, it could be a sign of many things, early death, early or late assists by other people.

    Or I could be completely wrong :p

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    Seen this problem on a few sites, only mechanisim ive seen help slow them down is anti-bot measures on the sign up page.

    They can still do it manually but these arsholes tend to use automated programs and work though lists of forums of software, rather than do anything manually.
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    Love this so far, things ive noticed,

    Enabled causes the error "line 756: attempt to index field 'anchor'.

    Shift key works fine, ctrl key doesnt for swapping

    No pet bar

    I have buttons bound to my numberpad, the swapping works but the keys dont, can only test this with shift, due to ctrl
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    I maintain a small UI which some members of my guild uses, and I wanted to switch over to using Fubar over titan but whispercast titan panel plugin would of been missed by most of my users.

    so I made http://ui.e-panaphobia.com/FuBar_WhisperCastFu.rar

    (Its not an exact copy of the titan plugin, I may add more functionality later, but it did what most of my users wanted)

    Hope that helps some people shift over to Fubar and return a bit to the community. Do what you want with it, if someone wishs to take the mod over, please do, I don't consider myself a lua coder, and im sure others can do much much better.

    Im just happy if something I code works, so going to have to learn more coding.
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