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    posted a message on EQCompare: mod for QuickCompare/EquipCompare replacement.
    Quote from Brmonkey »

    EQCompare.lua:256: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

    same problem here

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    posted a message on Looking for stun-tracker addon

    Is there any Ace addon which tracks Stuns, like stunwatch?

    Thanks for your time :)
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    Quote from Sharpless »

    Quote from stonecow »

    Quote from Sharpless »

    Probably not the right place to post, but didn't want to make a new thread.

    Anyhow, Arena Points from different arena teams don't add up, instead you only get Arena Points from the team with highest gain.

    Not sure what you are asking for, you only get points from the with the highest gain each week.

    Yes, exactly! But ArenaFu adds all estimated arena points.
    So now, if estimates say 200 points from 3vs3 and 350 from 5vs5, it reports 550 instead of 350.

    no, actually it adds the current arena points you have and the arena points you will get from this week :)
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