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    Quote from filion »

    Latest version, drawing allowed, no hidden flag.
    I should have been more specific in my first post: Minimap lines from Cartographer_Routes are indeed working, but only in zones which have the same name in german and in english (e.g. Nagrand).

    Same problem on a french client. ( r52180 )
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    Quote from lejordet »

    WUU 1.3.262 beta
    WUU 1.3.262 beta source

    # 1.3.262beta (2007.05.07):

    * WUU now resets addons lists when WoW directory is changed
    * Blizzard Addons are flagged as [Ignore] during 'Update with online DB' processing
    * Main addon list now supports "type-ahead search"
    * Used new code for the Addon List and Install Addon dialog
    * Changed some menu setup for compatibility with Mac OS X, namely About & Preferences options now appear in the Application Menu
    * Changed OtherSites code to handle more sites (see the WUUki for details)
    * StatusBar messages are now cleared after 30 seconds
    * Check to stop more than one version of WUU running at a time (delete the _WUUlock directory from your WUU directory if it's not starting after a crash)
    * WUU now handles WoWAce addons with decimal release numbers, includes related changes to viewing changelogs
    * Added visible identification of Addons whose Embedded Libraries have been updated
    * Several "behind the scenes" changes and bugfixes

    Sorry for the delay in releases - I've been busy with work lately :| (which, again, means that all bugs changes are Jncl's fault (j/k ;D))

    I get this error with this version:
    File "WUU.py", line 1263
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    I'm running WUU under Linux with Python2.4 and WxPython2.6 .

    Only the 2.07 works.

    Sorry for my poor english..
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