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    I know this thread is quite old but i just found this addon and from what i see many bugs where fixed, but i have to mention a couple more.

    1st of all when i log on there is only 1 "bag", sometimes, and takes one or a couple of /reloadui to restore all bags. also at least my arrows won't show up in that bag with my hunter(not sure about other items).i have a "bag:4" bag filtering for them

    2nd i tried using the quality filtering but couldn't make it work. Tried all possible strings(including colour,green,purple... :P )

    3rd tried using it with sanity 2 , putting the shaman totems and reagents in shaman tag but no filters(cat/category/type/tag:shaman) seemed to work. All i got is an empty bag :(

    and 4th (been mentioned before)when i open a vendor window or the mailbox the 1st bag will toggle.If all bags are open the main one(the one without the filter)will close and rest will stay open. If no bag is open only main will open

    I love this addon and despite the few /reloadui i have to do each time i log an alt i still use it :)

    profile selection
    key binding to open all bags at once

    keep up the great work Antiarc :)
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