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    Long time Ark Inventory user here, finally switched to Baggins today after getting very very tired of Ark freezing up on me for 15-30 seconds at a time while at the bank.

    I downloaded Baggins as well as Baggins_Outfitter, but I am at a loss as to how to get Baggins to see my Outfitter outfits. I would love more than anything to have all my gear in neat little stacks in my bag. I'm a druid/Herb/Ach, so that's a lot of items that need to be organized.

    Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this?

    Lastly, I'm noticing a lot of lag time after I try and create a new section. I'm having to close the window and reopen it and then my new section is there.

    Hoping to fall in love with this mod!

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    I too love this mod and would love to figure out how to separate the chat windows to specific channels.


    Shows what I want where.
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    I'm having this same issue and this fix did not work. Also, my bars have moved without me moving them. =\

    I can't play right now with it not working.

    Quote from Starfox »

    Quote from Theiss »

    My icon on the minimap has disappeared, and now i can?t get it back.. I could use
    a command/whatever that brings it back up thanks =)

    /script AceLibrary("Waterfall-1.0"):Open("Bartender3")
    should bringt up the Waterfall config GUI
    browse to fubar plugin => attach to minimap
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