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    posted a message on Grid and Clique!
    as a healer i'm missing mods like grid with options to click-casting, i dont know if you can cause mod to cast a spell, but even targetting would be better with Grid-alike unit frames.

    this is a must!
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    posted a message on KeyProfiler
    maybe not depending on target, but something like bigwigs (i'm not really in addons, so dont know how it works):
    mouseover target, if its specific boss then switch set, when you have left the instance or boss died set is switching to default.
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    Quote from Loft »

    Still gray. :\

    maybe you have somewhere gray in name line, or something with tapped target.
    paste line with name, maybe we could figure out reason of that gray color.
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    posted a message on Pet for Grid
    Just to let you know:
    When i'm in a raid and have all members oor its ok, its also ok if members are joining, (oor or in range), but problem appears when i'll run into group of ppl, im summoned or something and instantly have all other members in range, in this moment i have game freeze and alt+f4 or alt+ctrl+del is only help.
    i've waited once 5min in av, but game havent run after such freeze.
    i thought it can be unit frames problem, so i've started switching off pitbull, auras etc etc, after that i just changed grid layout to one without pets, and voila - all worked perfectly.

    since then im using normal grid, but i hope it will be fixed so i can have pets again in grid.
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    posted a message on KeyProfiler
    Im searching for a while addon that will automatically switch my 1 binding depending on boss i'm currently fighting with.
    for example:
    Archimonde: Tears of Goddess (item)
    Naj'entus: /use Naj'entus Spine (macro)
    Kaelthas: macro for tagetting weapons and equipping staff
    etc etc.

    Before every fight i need to switch bindings for my mouse button 5 (under thumb) for macro i use on specific enounter, is is possible to KeyProfiles will automatically switch bindings sets depending on encounter?
    Also, i need only 1 binding, not all, if i'll change something in 1 set i need to change it in all sets, so possiblity to set default set, and checking bindings that i want to swich, and leave rest would be beautifull.
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    Is there a possibility to add PvP icon (horde/alliance banners) on one of corners of tooltip (like it was for example in TipBuddy)?
    DogTags are very usefull, but more of them i use, tooltip is less usable, and the icon was very handy.

    Another thing, this time bug instead of request: i have same problem as Helvete - for first second background is too small, and after a "blink" it's ok.
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    posted a message on Request: Raid icons in Grid
    yes, but hopefully most of them is listed on wowwiki etc
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    posted a message on Request: Raid icons in Grid
    well, i thought about it also, but i needed to see only skull on player by BigWigs, and my way to solve this is add boss debuff, set it as center icon, and voila, i see important debuffs on boss fights without need of seeing skull icon, icons on player set manually (just for notice or something, before fight etc) i can replace by adding this player to "Player Target" in oRA2.

    after a while i see that more usefull and more space saving than raid icons on grid would be
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    posted a message on Raid loot tracker and queue management
    Indeed it is similar system, but... there is but:
    people not in raid do move in queue, only those who wont be for some time (week or longer) on raids are frozen.
    also, what is more important, possibility to copy whole list, including drops is pretty important here.
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    posted a message on Raid loot tracker and queue management
    Hi, i have queue system in my guild, when item drops ppl can need for it (just say "need" on chat or TS, no rolls, no group loot, we have Master Loot), highest need gets the item and is dropped on the end of queue (around 40ppl there), if no1 will need for it some of raid members want to get it without loosing their place in queue, so they roll for gold, no points involved, just roll for 100g, 200 etc, until there will be 1 person. If no1 need or roll for item, it goes for de or something.

    What i need is addon that can save list of players in queue, they can be moved by addon user (not ML nor RL, just any1) on bottom of queue when they took item by needing on it, also with possibility to add comment (name of item they took). Second thing is monitoring of items that has been looted on raid day, save the list and copy it for pusting on our site (latest drops).
    Changing the player position in queue will also add date when it happened, also there should be a possibility of printing the queue with player names and items they took today, rest of items (from other days) is not needed. Also items should be in [item][/item] tag.

    copied list should look like that:

    21.Bertuch - [item]Name of item[/item]
    22.Thris - [item]Name of item[/item]
    23.Luiz - [item]Name of item[/item]
    24.Moth - [item]Name of item[/item]
    25.Orchidea - [item]Name of item[/item]

    and list of drops:

    [item]Name of item[/item] - Bertuch
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Maciejko
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Thris
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Luiz
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Manes
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Moth
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Orchidea
    [item]Name of item[/item] - Kay

    Items are for today's raid only.

    So generally: window with list, click on player to call out window with:
    "name of item"
    "put player at the end"

    about copying info:
    "copy players list with todays drops"
    "copy todays drops" (this will include ones that has been rolled and needed)

    and "today" is determinated by "start raid tracking" and "stop raid traking" (disconecting shouldn't stop "raid day")

    ok, thats it, i hope my english isnt so bad and u'll understand what i wrote :)
    thanks in advance
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    posted a message on Parrot? Link?
    I have a question/sugestion about recognizing some events.
    What i loved in MSBT was searching and adding own events, thanks to it i was able to search for something in combat log, and later add it.
    But as far as i can see there is no possibility to add everything.
    My point here is Meta Gem "+12 int, chance on spellcast to restore mana" - you are gaining 300 mana from it ("You Gain 300 mana from Mana Restore") and if i remember good event is "SELF_SPELL_BUFF" - what i cant find in Parrot.

    Why not adding semi-same system in Parrot? Searching for event and adding it (with given all events to choose instead of only few of them).

    Also what i wanted in MSBT - mana gains from Mana regeneration and mp5, is it possible to add such thing like it was in SCT?

    Anyways, i see Parrot is updated frequently, and for now even without some important for me functions it is best sct i saw for now ;] Keep it up.
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    posted a message on Pet for Grid
    Quote from Jerry »

    This is a much more important change than what I did. What you can do is set the Grid to "Horizontal". This should allow something like what you're asking for. Another option would be to set the anchoring to right, so that new columns are added toward the center of the screen.

    Anchoring is not important here - anchoring to left also works cus grid cant go offscreen.
    And i hate Horizontal lay :D So i will play hoping that there will be no more that 2 pets in party ;]
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    posted a message on Pet for Grid
    Pet support is great, but since i have grid on right part of screen, next to the edge and some icons are on left of grid it would be great if pets could appear in another row (max 5 units, if more, then yet another row), not left or right cus i cant see mentioned icons after Grid have changed its width. Same goes for pets in raid (10/25 ppl).

    One more, if there is 6 pets Grid will add one more row for 6th? i haven't noticed this yet.
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    posted a message on Serious FPS issues, advice requested from tech-savvy posters.
    fps are lowering in raids (AV for example), dont have an idea what mod is causing this... ive notices little fps increase after turning off Incubator. but afaik some of my guildmates have same problem, and aint using Incubator.

    PS: without any mods performance is really good (80-100, 30-50 in raid), with mods enabled (40-50, in raids 1-5)
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    posted a message on targeting macro with cartographer waypoints (request maybe)
    i want to write macro that can set waypoint of my target, i haven't found addon that can show my current target on minimap, so i've decided that i'll use macros using cartographer waypoints to do it.
    but i'm new in addons/macros and dont have idea how can i do it. i'll be thankfull for help with that (or maybe u know addon that can put an icon of my target on minimap - i've found one but for wow 1.xx)

    (or maybe author of cartographer will write in future addon that can show targets on map/minimap)

    thanks in advance

    PS: sorry for my english :)

    i've managed to do this:
    /script local xx, yy, zone = Cartographer:GetCurrentPlayerPosition(); local px, py = xx / 100, yy / 100; Cartographer_Waypoints:SetPointAsWaypoint(px, py)

    but it doesn't work :|
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