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    i love your addon. together with lil sparkys workshop i have been able to accumulate 217k in cash so far. in a couple of months.

    i know the intent of the addon is to simplify the workflow behind crafting stuff that's why i have a suggestion and an alternative to the suggestion:

    right now i have a txt document where i copy the sold glyph auctions into (copy chat frame) with a bit of automatic text editing. so each time i sort this document by name and then i manually type in every glyph into the skillet search box, and queue the glyph. i do this for lots and lots of glyphs to put them into the craft queue every day. it cost lots of time.

    to add a little professional touch to the addon i would suggest that you can copy a text into a /WTF lua file of the addon and then skillet loads the craft list ingame. the text may look like this (the numbers representing the number of items to be queued):

    3 Glyph of Rip
    6 Glyph of Execution
    4 Glyph of Water Walking

    i also use WhoHas together with Armory. This shows me exactly how many of a particular item i have on all twinks when i mouseover an item (+auctions). But it isn't practical for mouseover all glyphs in the craft window. That is why i do it the way i descibed above, that is: i only register the sold auctions and write them down.

    An alternativ to the text method above would be to load the number WhoHas shows on each item directly next to each item of the crafting window much like the numbers in square brackets.
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