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    Quote from Phanx

    This is intentional. Grid cannot read your mind and magically know that you only want to see certain groups. Once you enter an instance, Grid knows how many people fit into the instance, and adjusts the layout size accordingly. If you only ever want to see the first 5 groups, you could set your "40-player Raid" layout to a 25-man layout.

    Layout > 40-player Raid > By Group 25

    GridStatusRaidDebuff is a third-party plugin. It's not written and maintained by any of the same people who wrote or maintain Grid. For help with it, you should post in its thread:


    I had tried this option, changing to 5 groups and the minute it put the 8 groups. I deleted the files grid wtf folder and checking the box last night to block cells in design I had in 5 groups. I also worked as the Grisstatusraiddebuffs.
    Thanks for everything
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    I have been more than a week struggling with the grid and adjusting. For me it is an essential addon and you control, in my case as a druid, who has the hots and got my respect they have left to finish. But I have a number of problems that I can not fix them. I installed the latest version and play in Spanish:

    - When we are in raid and we are more than 25, for example we have people booking group 7 to take the epgp, I get the 8 groups, adjusted to 5 but I only go out after a while the 8 new and the truth is quite nuisance.

    - I leave the debuffs of the raid. I installed the plugin GridStatusRaidDebuff and not charge me the debuffs when I enter the instance. I have to go to the appropriate and loaded manually. I get all buffs, I set it up for me to go in the middle icon and I do not work. Each debuff gives me the possibility to give priority to color or icon, I have changed several times but nothing.

    I've also tried installing the GRID2 and I did not leave the raid debuffs.

    Let's see if someone can lend a hand. :)
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