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    Your cooldown add on is the most beautiful and simple addon ever.
    I hate those cooldowns bars. But my problem is that I cant find a cooldown addon that does what I need.

    So, I'd like to request a feature. :p

    I have a 17 button mouse, and i dont really need to press any key on keyboard except ASDW keys. But i still have to look down on screen for me to be able to see if my next action is available. There are some few actions that I perform regularly.

    At the moment, I use CDB to see when a action becomes available, but the icon soon disapears from my screen... What i do is try to make those 10 icons to be allways on the screen (on cooldown).

    My whish is the have an opposite approach to this. I'd like to have a EXPIRED group config, so I can set what spells i'd like to see on that position on screen, but i want to see that icons ONLY if they are in NO cooldown... available for using.

    Is that possible?
    I have the version that i got from curse.com, dunno if your new version on the SVN is capable of such things.

    Ty for listening, and ty for this nice addon.

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