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    @Xinhuan: No, Zygor's Guide comes bundled with Cartographer R2290 (v2.3.6a) and there are problems with Cartographer_Waypoints as described in my previous post.
    Zygor's Guide also supports TomTom but TomTom is even more unreliable than Cartographer_Waypoints.
    The Zygor developers wrote the following yesterday:
    The guide can handle TomTom, but TomTom has many known issues in it's programming that cause it to be less reliable than Cartographer which is why we don't guarantee full compatibility with it.

    (This is a quote from http://www.zygorguides.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1013 .)

    As a result, and to underline my previous post, I (and all Zygor users as well) really hope that Cartographer_Waypoints R2290 (v2.3.6a) is not going to be the last version...
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    I really hope that Cartographer_Waypoints is going to be maintained for a while. I am a user of the Zygor InGame 01-80 Power Levelling Guide which makes heavy usage of the arrow of Cartographer_Waypoints of course. I am currently using the latest version of both, Cartographer r2290 (v2.3.6a), and Zygor Guide from December 19th, 2008. Cartographer comes bundled with the commerical guide from the Zygor homepage.
    It does work but currently one needs to do the following EVERYTIME when starting a new WoW session, which is pretty annoying:
    (this is a quote from http://www.zygorguides.com/members/support.php)
    1) go into cartographer and if waypoints are enabled, disable them.
    2) reload your ui
    3) go back into cartographer waypoints and re-enable them
    4) open up zygor guide and under the map addon options change it to 'none'
    5) now change it back to cartographer2
    By following these 5 steps (a kind of reset procedure) at the beginning of a new WoW session I am able to get the arrow (which then works perfectly) of Cartographer_Waypoints.

    The Zygor Guide DOES NOT support Cartographer 3 :-( , see the quote here of the plans of the Zygor development team:
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