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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    I am maintaining an addon which has a feature that appends an additional hyperlinked phrase to the player's name in chat windows. The basic problem I'm running into is that if I also have Prat running, I can't seem to get this additional text to show up next to the player's name (it doesn't show up anywhere, actually).
    I've tried disabling the PlayerName + ChannelName modules (via the Prat UI), but that didn't seem to make a difference. So I had a few questions, hope I'm not on the wrong track here completely:
    1. Are there any other Prat modules that might be overwriting the text that I am sending to the chat window (via an AddMessage pre-hook)?
    2. Assuming that the issue can be isolated to one or two modules, are there any flags or control parameters in Prat that are intended to handle this sort of thing? Or should I just put something in the readme that the two addons are not compatible with regards to this feature?
    3. I've considered the possibility that it's something about the _way_ in which I'm adding my hyperlink tag that is confusing or getting overlooked by Prat. But at this point, I've tried every possible way that it can be done, from least invasive (ChatMessageFilter) to most invasive (pre-hooking AddMessage, ChatFrame_OnHyperlink*, etc.), but nothing seems to make the slightest bit of difference to Prat, whatsoever. Does this sound possible/likely? As far as I can tell [without digging into Prat's code], it almost seems like Prat formats the entire message from scratch, disregarding formatting, etc. that was previously attached. Or could I be overlooking something on my end?

    (edit: BTW, it's kind of implied by the original message, but FWIW, the hyperlink tag shows up correctly if I disable Prat [either via ACP+reloadUI or logging out and using addOns list])
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    posted a message on Gem data library?
    Nothing turned up in a forum search, but I thought I'd ask around before starting on one - are there currently any libraries which provide a database of gem info? Specifically, gem id, gem item id, gem stat names & values, gem color, component colors (for socket matching), etc.

    See the tables in my Socket Master addon for an example of what I'm sort of looking for.
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    posted a message on Packaging an Addon for Curse
    Quote from Torhal
    Default relationships have nothing to do with your ToC and everything to do with how the Curse Client handles the package. This is how it works:

    Require Dependency: Curse Client will download.
    Optional Dependency: Curse Client will not download, but users will see this as an optional package that adds features to yours.
    Embedded Library: Curse Client will download.
    Tools used: Curse Client will not download (It's more than likely embedded in the repository)

    In all cases except for Optional Dependency, the other project will be eligible for Reward Points. This is why managers of manually-uploaded projects should be courteous and take the time to edit default relationships. If you're using a library, give credit.

    Thanks a lot! That is precisely the info I was looking for. Humm, just to clarify something you mentioned, regarding Curse client. Is editing the Default Relationships [via the web portal] something that is required for the Curse client, in addition to specifying dependencies via the pkgmeta file? Or, does the pkgmeta data get applied to the same bin as the Default Relationships form? In other words, are the pkgmeta and the Default Relationships form two different interfaces for changing the same data (which is how I understand it to work), or does the Curse client rely solely on the data entered via the default relationships page?
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    posted a message on Packaging an Addon for Curse
    Quote from OrionShock
    if your using the wowace side of the site, then there really should be no reason to be editing that information manually as that is auto populated by the .pkgmeta file.

    The difference between embedded and optional lib is that embedded libs are just that. They appear with the addon in it's zip file and the user dosn't have to go looking for it. An optional dependancy is a feature that you have coded for, but is not a required aspect of the addon for the end user.

    Due to the way WoW handles addons, it is the standard method to include your libs as optional dependancys because a user may choose to use those libs in standalone mode and your addons -nolib zip.

    However this is a relatively advanced setup that most authors don't specifically account for, it's called a disembedded setup.

    Short Answer: Don't edit the default relationships in the project management, just use .pkgmeta and let it do it's magic

    Thanks for the reply. I should have provided a bit more background, I suppose. I have been working in game development for 7 years now, so I'm quite familiar with the _concepts_ of libs, dependencies, source control systems, packaging without libraries, creating redist packages, etc. etc......but I've never worked with YAML or SVN.

    I can also understand that the .pkgmeta file is the essential file for telling the packager what to do....as I said, I did actually read the dozens of pages containing information about the process, before I posted :)

    I believe the most confusing thing for me was that a lot of the documentation and forum posts on the subject seem to use "optional dependencies" and "embedded libraries" interchangeably or ambiguously (i.e. using one term but meaning the other). In fact, most of the information I've seen mentions embedding libraries, but also make sure to mark them as optional dependencies (see the forum threads linked from the 'Packaging an Addon' FAQ).

    In addition, the word "embed" isn't used anywhere on the pkgmeta FAQ - in fact the only place I was able to find that tied pkgmeta externals to embedding libraries was a small paragraph on the "Packaging an Addon" page (the paragraph under the "Use of Libraries" header).

    Anyway - I'm now on my third WoW addon, but I wasn't able to get the first one to package properly until I stumbled across the Default Relationships page and set my dependencies there. It's very likely that the true culprit was my limited understanding of how the .pkgmeta was configured, but since then...I've always just set dependencies in both places. So far, I've been embedding everything, since this is the only way I method I feel that I know enough about to ensure an error-free installation for the end user, based on my knowledge of the process.

    However, I would like to package my addons in whatever manner makes it easiest for the user to install and update, while consuming the least amount of redundant system resources. I thought it was time I got it clear in my head exactly when I need to be using which method.
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    posted a message on Packaging an Addon for Curse
    P.S. It would be killer if the "Default Relationships" page of project management had a short blurb at the bottom describing what each option is (or more likely, a link to another page having that info). Ya know, sort of like a tooltip....
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    posted a message on Packaging an Addon for Curse
    Hey guys - I realize this is an old thread, so I hope this is the most appropriate place for my question. I've read this thread (as well as many others), all the FAQs, etc. There is one point on which I haven't really seen a solid answer (or if there was, I didn't realize that it was referring to the subject in question).

    When adding a new library to "default relationships", you have 4 options for "Type" - Required Dependency, Optional Dependency, Embedded Library, and Tool Used. The only thing I'm a little unclear on is when I should choose "Optional Dependency" vs. "Embedded Library".
    In most of the documents, posts, and other information I've been able to find on the subject, the two terms seem to be used interchangeably. In fact, I think almost everything I've read says something along the lines of (or even exactly like) "If you are embedding a library, you should specify it as an optional dependency in your .pkgmeta file". Hmm, ok, that's cleared up....but what about this dropdown on the "Default Relationships" tab of project management? (Did someone put both of those in there as a prank to confuse us? :P)

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW, I tried searching the forums for 'default relationships', but no matter what I do, it always gives me an error:
    "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing."

    I then googled it, and after a few tries was able to get a result related to this matter, from this page:

    Now, based on the stuff he's written in the description, I infer that the "Embedded Library" option is something like an optional dependency that will still be included in the nolib package....? Is this guess anywhere in the neighborhood of correct? :D
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    posted a message on Raid Tracker offical thread
    I've had an intermittent issue with my quest log for a long time, where occasionally one or more of the following will occur:
    1. the quest details text is missing. pane is there, just no text in it.
    2. Abandon, Share, and Track buttons are all disabled (they don't appear disabled, but they are completely non-responsive to input)
    3. Abandon, Share, and Track, and Close buttons completely disappear from the frame altogether.

    I can't be sure it's related to raidTracker, as it happens so infrequently that I could disable raidTracker for a week or so, and it wouldn't really prove anything, either way. I've been tracing through the code myself, to see if there was any code that looked promising for a few choice debug statements to be inserted, but I wasn't really successful. Obviously I don't know the code well, and because of the way it touches the quest log, _everything_ sort of looks suspect, ya know what I mean? haha I'm sure most (if not all) of it is interacting properly with the quest log, but I'm a bit out of options in terms of tracking it down.

    Does this sound like anything that could be inadvertently caused by raidtracker's hijacking of the quest log textures?

    EDIT: I forgot the most important detail! While it isn't 100% reproducable, 100% of the time it happens, I've just either joined or left a group (party or raid, tho seems to happen more often with raids, so if it DOES turn out to be related to this addon, this would seem to indicate something related to the operations that occur when adding/removing players to the group. (almost always happens on join, tho - in fact, the couple of times I did notice it after I left a group, it's possible that I just hadn't checked my quest log while in group).
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    posted a message on Curseforge, Pkgmeta & Externals: libs awol
    When you say "add the libs to the downloadable package", does this mean it's expected that they would not be in the alpha .zip (i.e. r32.zip) created by the packager?
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    posted a message on packaging/getting your addon on curse?
    Probably would - that doc looks like it contains a lot of the information I was looking for, personally. I never ran across a link to that page, tho (although I do recall ignoring a couple of scattered references to docs on old.wowace.com, because, well.....the domain seems to indicate that the info is out of date).
    If the info is still relevant perhaps it should be moved over. I was also a little confused about the cross-over between wowace and curse, which is only relevant because *a lot* of the links in all of the guides lead to wowace pages. From there, we encounter a completely different set of piece-meal documentation (meh, my documentation habits are even worse, so no worries, heh) to sort through. There are a few docs related to setting up repositories and SVN there as wel (though I seem to recall wowace's versions mostly using command line in the examples - which is the last thing I wanna start digging into when I'm 5 hours into trying to get SVN to take my code via the explorer interface, haha).
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    posted a message on packaging/getting your addon on curse?
    I just went through this myself - perhaps information from the perspective of a curse noob will be helpful, perhaps not. (Little background) I am a game programmer by trade, so I was already familiar with the concepts associated with this process - dealing with repositories, merging, branching, tagging, publishing, automated processes operating on tokenized files, etc. Even so, I still found myself running around in circles trying to figure out how to get my project from start to finish: from just a lonesome folder on my harddrive, to having a nice, shiny "Install" button on curse.com. I've never written anything in lua prior to playing wow, but have been tinkering over the past year, tweaking addons, making temporary patches to my personal copies of addons after patches, stuff like that. Last week I decided it was time to publish my first full-fledged addon.

    If I had to choose one thing as the biggest hurdle for Joe AddonAuthor when publishing to curseforge/curse for the first, I'd say it was what I call information-ooze. It's not the all the relevant information isn't available, it is - it's all there. The problem is that the bits that are still up-to-date, relevant, and straightforward are sprinkled across a bunch of different places.

    I spent a good 8 hours or so putzing around with setting up my repository, getting my computer, curseforge, and the gods of data exchange, to all agree about where my source code was going to be coming from. After spending (literally) hours going over docs, forum posts, readmes, google searches, etc., it all came together (effortlessly) when I followed the instructions on this page: http://kb.curseforge.com/projects/packaging-an-addon/ (Basically starting with the "Setting Up Your Repository" section, follow those instructions and not only will your repository will be setup correctly, but you even have a pretty good chance of understanding what you just did!)

    (OOPS, raid time - I'll finish this post up later. Quick note about tagging your repository for releasing to curse.com...took me forever to figure this out cuz all of the docs actually say "tag your repository with #.# or similar, but none of them say how to actually do that. One doc does cover most of the process, but leaves out a fairly major detail - basically, that when you branch your project folder, you need to create the branch inside of the "..\tags\" folder. In other words, your project is located at "wow/my-project-tag/mainline/trunk/MyProject" in the remote repository. OK well when you create the branch/tag to package for release to curse.com, the destination needs to be something like "wow/my-project-tag/mainline/tags/v2.3", then it will automagically work. I'm skipping a bunch of intermediate steps, but those _are_ sufficiently explained in the docs....anyway, I realize this last bit is probably confusing...I'll come back later and clean it up).
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    So I've come across what seems to be a bug, tho perhaps I'm just misunderstanding something about the way bartender works.
    I apologize if this has been covered before - I did several searches and checked all the threads that popped up but nothing quite matched what I'm seeing. I've considered the possibility that I don't have the right bars setup for action-based switching....but I wasn't able to quite figure out how the whole 'connected-bars' thing works. Anyway, here goes (oh - if you're the impatient type, just scroll down to where it says == Bug? ==):

    This only happens on my warrior. I have 6 bars which remain visible all the time; of those 6, I have 2 bars configured to perform state-based button swapping [based on my current stance]. Therefore, I have 4 bars which are used to hold the buttons for the alternate "states" of the 2 bars which have state-based button swapping enabled. Or to put it another way:

    I have 3 bars on the bottom of the screen, 1 vert bar on the left, and 2 vert bars on the right. None of the vert bars have state-based button swapping (let's call it SBBS) enabled, and only 2 of the 3 bars on the bottom of the screen have SBBS enabled. The final 4 bars (of the 10 that bartender supports) do not have 'enabled' checked.

    SBBS enabled:
    Bar1 & Bar2

    SBBS not enabled:
    Bars WITHOUT state-based button swapping enabled:
    Bar3, Bar4, Bar6, Bar7

    Bars not enabled:
    Bar5, Bar8, Bar9, Bar10

    == Bar1 ==
    Under state configuration, default bar state is 'Don't page'. Battle stance is set to Page 1, Defensive stance is set to page 8, and berserker stance is set to page 9.

    == Bar2 ==
    Default bar state is Page 2, Battle stance is Page 2, Defensive stance is page 5, and berserker stance is page 10.

    == Bug? ==
    When I visit a trainer and learn a new rank for a spell that is on any non-SBBS bar, then switch to my other spec.....the spell is in the correct location on the bar (I always try to make the bars as similar as possible between the specs....so if a spell is available in both specs, I usually put it on the same button in each spec).

    Now - if I learn a new rank for a spell that is located on ANY SBBS bar (that is - Bar1 and Bar2, yes, but also Bar5, 8, 9 or 10), then the button for that spell will be missing on the other spec. For example, if I train heroic strike while in my primary spec, if I switch to my secondary spec, heroic strike is no longer there. I have double and triple checked that this is what is happening. I put myself into Battle stance in both specs, made sure they both had Heroic Strike on the first button, and trained heroic strike. Switched specs, make sure I'm in the proper stance (battle), and there is an empty button where heroic strike should be.

    Is this a known and/or expected issue? Am I doing something wrong?
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Quote from tennberg
    Ever since patch 3.3 hit, I've had icons on my bars vanish or be replaced with unusual icons when logging onto toons using BT4 4.4.2.

    Either the icon is missing or has been replaced with something odd (e.g., Cleave on my warrior has a stopwatch icon, Demo Shout has the Cooking icon, etc). If the icon is missing, I can still hover over where the icon should be and get the tooltip.

    If I log out and back in, it usually goes back to normal. It always goes back to normal when I do a UI reload.

    I've tried clearing my game cache a couple times but the problem comes back.

    Any idea? Are the servers just buggy? Could it be another addon causing it?


    Here's a screenshot of my bars right after logging onto my warrior in Dalaran. The three buttons with the fishing icon in the middle are my stance buttons. gg :-\

    Delete your cache folder - they changed the way they associate items with ID numbers, so your bars are linked to [essentially] random icons now. Once you delete your cache, all will be right in the world.
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Quote from Flappers
    Date: 2009-12-20 19:33:20
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Bartender4\ActionBars.lua line 175:
    Usage: SaveBindings(1||2)
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: SaveBindings()
    Bartender4\ActionBars.lua:175: ReassignBindings()
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9:
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5
    (tail call): ?
    Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:539: EnableAddon()
    Ace3\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:551: EnableAddon()
    [C]: LoadAddOn()


    Hope this helps. Latest Release Bartender.

    YES! I have been getting this exact same error message ONLY for SOME new characters that I create. For sake of example, let's say I created a priest, pally, and warrior. Each time I login with the priest or warrior, I get this error. Pally is fine. Once priest reaches level 40 and I purchase dual-spec, error goes away. On warrior, it continues to happen......groan.....but not every time now; just occasionally. I am familiar with lua and I've taken a look at the code to see if there could be any potential conflicts with addons I have installed, but unfortunately was beyond my knowledge of lua.

    I realize this bug report isn't very helpful - is there anything I could perhaps add to the source (on my local machine) to help illuminate what could be causing the issue....or at least point us in the right direction?

    Haha, my job is to debug programs and I'm having a hard time nailing down any common factors, could be my limited knowledge of lua/wow API but it smells like one of those really simple things that would jump out at us if we knew where to start looking.
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