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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    New version 1.61 sports sorting of the addon list both in install and delete ui.

    Also added a column with info about addon category to both install and delete ui.


    thanks a lot
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    Packages: i don't know exactly why some addons are categorized as packages while some others are not.
    The definition i've found on this very site wiki is:
    Packages: These are addons which contain multiple addons in a single folder. WAU supports automatic handling of the contained addons so that they are installed and unintstalled together.

    I found this feature in WAU as shown in this pic:

    Thanks for the fast response. Packages or not, JWowUpdater performs the task very well anyway, my idea is that packages could be designed for grouping many addons folders simplifying un-installing or maintenance operations.

    But sortable columns would help pretty much in spotting if there is any updated addon worth installing, or to check that we are not keeping an old and maybe discontinued addon which frequently can cause some UI problems.

    Best regards

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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    - sortable tables per headers in Install/Delete windows
    - adding categories as headers in Install/Delete windows
    - support for packages

    Boring requests i know, but the uploader works great, i prefer it over WAU.
    I just have a curiosity, updating with one of these 2 applications make using the other one, not incompatible, but cause some troubles, sometime needing a whole folders re-update, even if the addons are actually up to date... why that?
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    posted a message on [POLL] Keypads...
    I'm about to buy a keypad to use it playing playing Wow. As far as i went through searching for such devices I've found 2, but I'm undecided on which to choose.
    I'll point out my pro/cons i see in each product and I'd like to hear your opinion, thanks .)

    NOTE: I hope my info's are correct, they are only based on indirect review of the products and manuals reading as i couldn't test them in my hands, correct me if i got anything wrong.

    Nostromo N52

    - quite popular, thus supported in addons like bartender (maybe others)
    - have a nice wheel
    - not so many keys (16+ wheel click, 104 total programmable, 4 states: normal, red, blue, green)
    - 4way pad look quite uncomfortable, remember me about first Nintendo 8bit pad.

    Saitek Pro Gamer Command Pad

    - a lots of keys (21, 144 total programmable, 3 states: red, blue, green)
    - seems to have a very good software to program macros (though i don't use them very often actually)
    - switch keys are in a remote position, and looks imprecise to toggle on the right switch.
    - no mouse wheel
    - still didn't find an addon supporting it

    Thanks for your attentions.


    PS: hope i got the right forum now :P, thanks Dafire
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    posted a message on DOKarma - A Karma/DKP Mod for casual guilds
    Have you read about epgp? Is a recent ACE2 addon to store ingame DKP, and give a loot priority list based on the ratio dkp earned / dkp spent plus some fine features.
    There is a possibility that your addon could eventually work as a bridge to populate, by tracking, it's DKP?
    Have to say that both projects looks very promising and wish good luck for for the future to both.
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    posted a message on Grid
    I was thinking about a grid made of dots, instead of squares. Dots increase size growing from the center the more the unit is hurt.
    Aggroed unit change shapes, maybe switching to squares, diamonds or triangles.
    Debuffed units ... well I'd love them just to have a little animation, that really help in noticing visual alarms, but i don't know it's feasibility.

    These idea comes from my knowledge of cognitive science. It is important to know that human beings can actively cares only about 5-7 things at time, and reading informations from a display requires mostly foveal vision. This is a very narrow angle vision we normally use to read words. The point is that peripheral vision cannot see colors and have very low detailed information on shapes, but detects very well changes in shape, or movements in general. It's a kind of self defense alertness, it is thus also very fast reactive.
    Sounds can be very fast alerting signals as well. Sounds alerts are "faster" than visual ones in the fovea, though these are more detailed. Alerts from peripheral vision are also faster than those in the fovea.
    Talking about visual, most information we read comes from luma. In colors this means green. As opposite we are not so able to get detailed information from red or blue.

    So this is the little things i know from what i studied, you can find some easy and very interesting stuff reading something from Donald Norman, he studies in ergonomy for design might comes handy.
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    posted a message on Prat: Chat Mod Framework
    Nice job =D
    Is there planned any feature similar to one found in ChatMod, in which any message containing your toon name, or any whisper, was alerted with a sound and popped big in the center of the screen ala CTRA RaidSay?
    * Option to Highlight own nickname in chat messages
    - specify up to three custom highlight words
    - bring highlighted sentences on centered Screen

    (cannot find any screens sorry)

    Could be nice if this feature is implemented to hook it to display the alert through SCT or MSBT.

    This feature can be sometimes bothering also, so maybe the message can pop only when is not displayed in the chat either because it is not in the scroll window, or maybe it is written in a channel not displayed in the active chat frame.

    Thanks and regards
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    posted a message on Ace SVN Zip-updating script
    Small update to orban DOS scripting, i just added a RD command to be sure of doing a clean update each time.

    So resuming, as imakron asked some info:

    0) get 7zip and wget.
    They do not need install, just unpack them some handful where.
    The path to them will be referred in the example code as 7ZIP_FOLDER and WGET_FOLDER.
    NOTE FOR 7Zip USERS: If u already have 7zip installed, the CLI filename is 7z.exe, if you download the CLI version from the link above, the CLI filename will be 7za.exe.
    I don't know why the author named them differently and i won't get into this matter, just the example code below is written assuming you downloaded 7zip from the link in this post, if you already installed the full version you are warned to switch CLI filename in the code.

    1) make a txt file with in each line the name of the addon you wish to download, and name it as you wish. The complete path to this file including the name will be referred in the example code as ADDON_LIST.

    2) make a temporay folder where you will store zip files (will be referred as TMP_FOLDER in the example code)

    3) make a txt file and paste the following example code, changing the paths for your TMP_FOLDER folder, 7ZIP_FOLDER, WGET_FOLDER, ADDON_LIST, and for your .../WorldOfWarcraft/Interface/Addons folder (will be referred as ADDONS_FOLDER in the example code).

    FOR /F "tokens=1" %%G IN (ADDON_LIST) DO (
    @echo %%G
    rd /s /q "ADDONS_FOLDER\%%G"
    "WGET_FOLDER\wget.exe" -O "TMP_FOLDER\%%G.zip" "[url]http://www.wowace.com/files/%%G/%%G.zip"[/url]
    "7ZIP_FOLDER\7za.exe" x -y -o"ADDONS_FOLDER\" "TMP_FOLDER\%%G.zip"

    Double quotes(") around your variable strings (TMP_FOLDER, 7ZIP_FOLDER, WGET_FOLDER,ADDONS_FOLDER) shouldn't be mandatory uless the strings they represents contain spaces as DOS enviroment will throw out errors, but you can leave them, redundancy won't blow your pc up.
    ADDON_LIST do not need to be put between double quotes.

    In my case strings are as follow:

    ADDONS_FOLDER=F:\games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns

    so the code will look like this

    FOR /F "tokens=1" %%G IN (E:\temp\Dayly_DL\wow\addons\1.12\Ace\addons.txt) DO (
    @echo %%G
    rd /s /q "F:\games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\%%G"
    D:\Uti\wget\wget.exe -O "E:\temp\Dayly_DL\wow\addons\1.12\Ace\temp\%%G.zip" "[url]http://www.wowace.com/files/%%G/%%G.zip"[/url]
    "D:\Uti\7zipCL\7za.exe" x -y -o"F:\games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\" "E:\temp\Dayly_DL\wow\addons\1.12\Ace\temp\%%G.zip"

    This code works, but don't check against your local stored rev number, it means it will alwys download the whole list of addons in your ADDON_LIST file... this is quite a waste of bandwidth, but i don't know how to code a way to solve it.
    But there should be since in each folder on http://www.wowace.com/files/ there is a text file named "latest.txt" containing the last rev number, and in each addon we stored locally there is a file named changelog-rXXXXX.txt where XXXXX is the last rev number.
    Anyone can code this check before the download in the little script?
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    posted a message on Ace SVN Zip-updating script
    Thanks, i'll try now. Also the admin ripristined the link to the last rev in each folder on the zip files mirror, so running the script would hopefully always get the last version.
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    posted a message on Ace SVN Zip-updating script
    can someone code a script that:

    - take name list of addons to be DL'd from a text file
    - check latest rev on http://www.wowace.com/files/ against your local saved rev for each addon in the list
    - download the eventual updated addon revs

    Sorry i cannot code in perl, i'll try give a look anyway to the scripts in this thread. Seems 7zip cannot open them :O

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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Is or will it be possible to set custom priorities?
    or maybe is better to have an external addon with API to manage different priorities profiles for differenty addons with similar although different tasks, like as healing/debuffing/buffing. This would possibly avoid many lags in raid because of some addons checking the whole raid for its task alone.
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    posted a message on Detox
    Profile: Some Dungeon Boss
    Who Should We Cure First?
    >Text Box [input order of classes seperated by commas] (any not written in are either excluded, or put in last)

    This is nice, how about priorities in % or ordinal numbers for:
    - player
    - own party
    - raid
    - pets
    - MTs (from CTRA/oRA)
    - and then a SUB modifier for each class

    I think this way it is easier to set than to put each players name all the times. People in raid might change, classes will be always the same, making a profile more consistent in time.
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    I use Clique, and i tried binding a spell on Button4, but squishy seems not to hook that click.... is it a squishy or Clique issue?
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