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    Quote from Lauchsuppe
    i'm not realy sure how to use WUU especialy with the new AceSVN to Curse move.
    All ACE Addons are set to WOWAce as souce - but this must be Curse now. Should i reconfigurate all my self or how must this be done?
    Regards Hendrik

    If you edit the site for your mod to curse in WUU, the site id to get it working is the part of the curse url after the .../details/ part of the curse url (go look at the addon page on curse).

    Example : Omen (the threat meter)

    URL for mod on curse :

    So the WUU entry needs a :
    source site of Curse (dropdown list)
    site id of

    This allows WUU to locate the download within the mod page.

    This pattern works for all the curse published mods I've tried so far.

    Hope that helps!
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    Finally, able to post! :cool:

    Being an end user, and having read what these hard-working, dedicated and talented guys (Mod Developers) have been saying, I understand the reasoning behind moving away from using this site to distribute "release quality" mods to the end-user community.

    My sympathies to Kaelten who was paying for all our usage bandwith chiefly from his own pocket. Ouch. :eek:

    So, to the point! :p

    Us end users need to change the place where we get our mods.

    Tools like this are not strictly the problem, but the places where we point them are.

    Having lost my beloved WoWAceUpdater (sob) which made keeping my mods updated very very simple (Killer App) I started to use this one instead.

    The default locations stored for most of these mods (in the on-line locations database maintained by WUU's author (I think) still points to WoWAce.

    Back to square one :) And the stuff on WoWace is not release build, its under development.

    Be assured that the End User community does not want the latest nightly development build of a mod. Nosiree bob!

    We have 2 courses of action. They are Paralell.

    We can set our own source sites away from wowace to curse, etc on as many mods we can find, then upload our addon list from WUU. This should help to assemble the mod online database for WUU that points to the release-stable versions of mods on Curse, and other end-user mod distribution sites.

    Secondly, the owners of the WUU online mod database can hopefully streamline this process, and allow the One-Touch Update function of WUU to use those locations by default.

    In the perfect world, the only things the end-user community should get from WoWace directly are mods that are NOT sourced ANYWHERE else, and anything we have agreed to help BETA TEST for the developers here at WoWace.

    I know this involves some work on all our parts, but we've all played a role in drowning the developer community here at WoWace with massive bandwidth demands, so we all have a role to play in helping resolve it.
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