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    I have just tried this updater and I have to say that it has one MAJOR advantage over WoWAce Updater and EVERY other updater that I have tried SO far?IT installs with almost NO setup required and does its JOB without HIDING itself like some kind of hacker software.

    I have to say, that after the attitude that I have encountered from SOME updater authors, I won't mention names, I find this type of behavior extremely refreshing.

    I have been programming for a LONG time and using computers since they first became available. I not only expect programs to be user-friendly, I DEMAND it! If you are too LAZY to live up to those standards, then you have NO business trying to be a programmer. The author of WowMatrix HAS done this and has done it RIGHT, so I applaud his work and plan to keep using his program. The REST of you should learn something from the way he has gone out of his way to TRY to be accommodating and helpful and TRY learning to do the same instead of being arrogant and obnoxious about it. Arrogance is the first sign that a programmer is about to make a mistake that will bite him in the rear so hard that he won't be able to sit down for several weeks.
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    I'm probably going to make someone, if not a lot of people mad at me by posting this, but here goes.

    I have been programming since 1975 and I am still actively developing new software. I was probably developing game mods when most of the authors on this site were babies.

    I am really sick of hearing all this garbage about "security issues" that require you to "hide" your updater program on the computer that belongs to ME and at the SAME time, you are shoving AD-WARE down my throat!

    Yes, I have read the threads that you referred to on MSDN, but they do NOT apply to your program because it is NOT a system file! You have NO right to disguise your utility, with its ad links in it, so that it hides itself on a computer that belongs to someone other that you. Quit acting like M$ (Microsoft for the uninitiated) and telling your users that YOU know what we are SUPPOSED to want and listen to what WE want!

    If you can't do this, then maybe you should take a good look at history and what happened to several companies that acted like you are acting now. You aren't forcing us to pay for your programs, or so you say, but you ARE stealing our resources with your ad-ware. Ad-ware is an invasion of our privacy and it is a form of theft! If you can't see that, then you need to wake up and look around at the rest of the internet and see what MOST users think of ad-ware and people who use it.

    I personally will be looking for a new updater because I am sick and tired of your conscious efforts to emulate the people over at what USED to be ui.worldofwar.net and FORCE people to use ONLY your updater.
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    Although I found it a bit of work to set up initially, I really like Autobar, especially used in conjunction with Bartender3.

    The only major problems that I have found with it are the following:
    • Even though I check the box that says "Right click to feed pet", it will ONLY feed foods that YOU have designated as PET foods to my Hunters' pets. This is annoying because it ignores a LARGE number of foods that those pets not only WILL eat, but LIKE to eat. I have found a way around it, but it would be nice if you fixed it. My wife actually found the way around it by using the "Feed Pet" Hotkey, then clicking on the food item she wanted on Autobar.
    • The second problem that I have run into is the fact that Autobar simply fails to recognize MANY common potions, crystals, and other helpful magic items of that type, such as the Water Breathing Potions (ALL of them), the Un'Goro Crater Crystals, and several other potions that are given as quest rewards.
    • Also, it gets quite confusing to have your food showing up twice - in the food AND up in the solutions and scrolls.

    It would be VERY nice if you would do, or at least ALLOW us to do, some organizing of our items, spells, potions, etc., by Type AND sub-Type a bit more efficiently than you currently do. For instance, I personally prefer to separate my scrolls from my potions, but not everyone would like that. I don't want my food showing up in two places NOR do I want anything else to be duplicated because it takes longer to find things when I need them and that can get me killed! Even worse, that might get someone else killed!

    I realize that this last part may not be a simple request to implement, but the problems with Autobar not recognizing things - I included names to try to help with fixing that - and the Pet Food issue should be somewhat easier to fix. Please do what you can do fix these problems and to do something to address the other issue, if possible.

    Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into producing this excellent and very helpful addon and please keep up the good work.

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    posted a message on [Request]Closet Gnome / Hat Trick
    Quote from therigwin »


    It would be nice then if Closet Gnome could remember if hat and cloak was showing. Hat Trick could be used as a visual reference (since you use the character screen for setting up your sets)

    That make more sense?

    I would like to heartily endorse this request! It would be very nice if this feature could be added to Closet Gnome.

    It would also be nice if Closet Gnome were a bit more aware of general changes so that it would live up to its hype that it is supposed to make our life easier by taking care of things. I get really tired of having to redo every set after just putting a simple enchantment or armor patch on one piece in a set that I am currently wearing and that makes up a component in most of my sets. Perhaps I should make this a separate request.
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    Quote from lejordet »

    Quote from Barracuda »

    i am not sure, since i am not authorized to make official statements, but i dont want to see another flame war, or something like that.

    So i say in my humble opinion: /no this is not gonna happen.
    When this should someday change, i am sure we will get informed, until then ... What are you talking about: UI.Worldof... what ? IncGam.. who ? ;-)

    If you want to know why. Use the search, there are several long statements concerning ui.wow and from someone of them.
    What you do and what you download and from where (even from 'YouKnowWhere') is up to you, i think.

    This is essentially what I was going to post :) See this post and this post for more details (and no, the API system mentioned hasn't been released (yet)).

    Until the API is released, WUU won't support addons from UIWoW, so please let that topic of discussion lie from now on - unless you're going to post "Oh hey they released the API: <link>", of course :P

    Thank you for your response, lejordet. Please forgive me if I touched on a sensitive subject. I did NOT mean to upset anyone by bringing this up OR start any type of flame war or anything of that type. I HAVE read the previous posts on this subject, so I am aware of what went on before. That is why I pointed out that the site is now under NEW management. However, what you do about it and how you deal with them is YOUR business and I can certainly understand your feelings toward the people who treated you that way.

    I do not go around stirring up trouble on forums, so please forgive me - EVERYONE - if I have given that impression with this post.

    I was just asking for information to be sure that I was not stepping on toes before I did something and to pass on information.

    Unfortunately, after trying out WUU and having it update about 10 of my addons with only ONE of them getting an actual NEW version, half of the others getting OLDER, OBSOLETE versions, and the other half getting either the same or slightly older versions, I don't think I will be using it. I don't care to use an updater that I have to put THAT much work into using. I expect the UPDATER program to check the version more carefully than that and be SURE that the version in the toc file is newer than the one I have installed!

    I'm very sad to say that because you seem to have put in a lot of good, hard work on your program and I'm sure you will eventually get all the bugs worked out of it. Keep working on it. =^_^=

    Don't sweat the small stuff;
    Life's too short!
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    Hi Lejordet,

    Quote from lejordet »

    WUU 1.3.279 beta
    WUU 1.3.279 beta source

    1.3.279 beta 1.4 release candidate (2007.05.12):

    * ui.worldofwar.net support removed as requested by the admins there (WUU is blocked anyway, so earlier versions won't work). WUU will automatically tag UIWoW addons back to [Unknown].

    I'm sorry if I am breaking any forum rules by digging up something this old, but I want to point out something that I feel may be important.

    I hope that someone has noticed that ui.worldofwar.net no longer exists as such. It has been taken over and is now http://wowui.incgamers.com/, or WoWUI@IncGamers, with a new look and, possibly, some new attitudes and policies.

    It might be worth taking another look at whether you can enable WUU for the new site, since it is very definitely under new management.

    I wanted to try using your [Other Site] option to get some updates from there, but I did NOT want to do so before alerting you to the changes, in case my actions might cause trouble for you if you decided to enable WUU for the site.

    Good luck and thanks for making this updater.


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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Quote from Seerah »

    Yes, Bartender has a fubar plugin. If you don't have FuBar installed, then it gets attached to your minimap.

    Bartender has nothing to do with your hits being displayed or not, and the FuBar plugin has nothing to do with toggling nameplates.

    I have to very strongly disagree with that statement. Until I started using Bartender, I never had a problem with the nameplates toggling on me, but now I'm constantly having them toggle on me for no apparent reason. I have the Fubar plugin disabled and it still happens, but that Fubar plugin has a way of resetting to enabled after an update, which should NOT happen.

    I do not know if it is a bug in the Fubar Plugin, specifically, but there is a bug somewhere in some part of Bartender3 that IS responsible for the nameplate display toggle being flipped at odd times. Many times, it happens after I go through a port?such as the one at Darnassus or Shattrath?but it can also happen just because I mount or dismount. Please FIX the bug!
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