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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    I dunno what happened, but Anything after 41482 seems to break my cyCircled install. From the patchnotes it was supposedly nothing but localization, but yea, it breaks it. :/ Gives me an error about AutoBar.display being nil.

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    posted a message on Cellular
    I had this issue specifically with LVBM. Had to disable cellular while raiding due to that. I'll definitely be reporting this to the author.

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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Simple Arena Unit Frames
    Well, it gives data to others in the party correct? Perhaps using the comm channel, you could do it.

    Basically if someone isn't known, announce them, and send that information to everyone else running the addon, that way they see it as announced and don't double-post. Moreover, this would allow our unit frames to more quickly fill up correct? If this information was shared among everyone running Prox..

    Dunno the possibility of it, but it sounds plausible, so I'm posting.
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    With the latest revision, my mount button has disappeared. Attempting to reset my settings to retrieve it has not worked either.

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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    Ok, so lets narrow this list down a bit. (I'll re-add pitbull as you mentioned you have enabled it and have used it)


    EDIT: Of those, the ones that are struck thru have not updated since 6-13.

    That's our shared list. We're both accessing those addons. Curious though how stepping back my pitbull rev solved the issue for me.

    Argh, this whole thing is driving me insane trying to figure it out. But in an attempt to have a stable system for our raids, this is something I must figure out.

    More later I guess...
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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    Are you getting the same crash and not running pitbull?
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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    Quote from Malice »

    When you tried this out, have you left everything at defaults?

    For the savedvar wipes, yes.
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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    I've now gone in and out of WSG 10 times, something with any build past the 16th is impossible. However, using r39408.1046 (I chose this revision as this is immediately previous to when my crashes started) I am stable as a rock. No crashes, no errors, nothing. I've even restored my saved variables (I had previously deleted them), and no errors what so ever.

    Definitely an issue with a newer rev.

    Steps I have tried thus far:

    r40261.packed = Crash
    r40261.unpacked = Crash
    r40261.packed (SavedVars wiped) = Crash
    r40261.unpacked (SavedVars wiped) = Crash
    r39408.1046.unpacked (SavedVars wiped) = Stable
    r39408.1046.unpacked = Stable

    I'm continuing attempts to force a crash on r39408.1046, 10 examples isn't as large a pool as I'd like to have for a definitive. More as it updates.
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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    Tried with a nounpack. Same crash, this time upon leaving WSG.

    Out of curiousity Malice, what rev are you running?
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    posted a message on [Unidentified Addon]: Ace2 related WoW Crash?
    This is definitely not an isolated case. I've now talked with 3 other people having the exact same issue. My bet? If you're having it, in your World of Warcraft/Errors folder, your crashes started on the 14th of June, 2007.

    It's getting more and more difficult to track down. I thought I had it, then today? Not a single crash. I've tried both AV & WSG as test subjects, and nothing... more will tell as the day goes on.

    Alright, back to testing.

    EDIT: Crashed upon last battleground spot getting filled. While in combat.
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    The new netherray mounts will not show up on the autobar for the mount location. I was informed this was due to their lack of presence in PT3. Any shot at these being added?

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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    First off, wonderful addon, cheers mate.

    Secondly, is there any way to possibly add how long a mob will be affected by counterspell? IE: UPon successful cast it locks them out of a school for 8 seconds. A timer for that would be lovely. (Heck ,if you could hook, find out which spell was interupted, and add that text to the bar it'd be even better, but I'd settle for a simple CS timer :P)

    Thanks much.

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    posted a message on ClassSync
    So here's my thought pattern, and see if people follow me.

    A modular addon which would allow us to sync our information among our classes in the way I had hoped 2.1 would allow us to do, but it fell short. Allow me to explain:

    I play a mage, and for a while here (referenced in many posts), Mages were asking for a sync timer for our scorches so we knew when we needed to refresh. 2.1 allows us to see our personal scorch refresh, but not the rest of the mages in the raid. So here's the thought pattern:

    1) Make a modular, class based pattern, by which we could see our classes debuffs/buffs, and react accordingly. You could turn on additional classes if you choose of course.

    2) If someone else in the raid casts a spell which would refresh this debuff, refresh the timer on it for all players.

    3) Make it simple, light weight, and easy on the eyes. (Ok, this is personal preference, but yea)

    Just a thought idea, anyone interested? Or have I missed one that would allow me to do this?
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    So after some inspiration, and some boredom... My UI:


    In Combat:

    My Memory usage usually hovers around 35megs (these screenshots were just before a garbage dump), and considering I've got a LOT of crap running in the background (dual monitors), this works out pretty well, and is super stable for me.

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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    I've been having a minor issue with the CastBar's in Pitbull. The issue is as follows:

    They're exceedingly jerky. As I'm casting a spell, they seem to only update once every quarter of a second (3 second cast yields 12 updates). As a direct result of this, I still use OmnimusCastBar for my primary castingbar as it does not exhibit this behavior. Is there any way to resolve this and make it more smooth?

    The reason I mention this is, I've seen rumour elsewhere in these forums that it's related to hardware or something outside the mod. However, another mod is doing the desired result without problem. So that's where my question comes into play.

    Any help regarding this?

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