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    Last night I was having an issue with Pitbull where everytime my group makeup would change in the raid, my party frame would disappear. Party pets would remain visible.

    By default, I've got my raid frames disabled as I prefer my GRID layout. Any suggestions that might be causing this issue?

    P.S.: LOVE the mod otherwise, I'm very impressed with the speed and accuracy of the development.

    Furthermore, I'm at work, otherwise I'd be able to confirm the build I was using and experiencing this issue on.
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    So for a while I've been using a variety of addons, and one thing has driven me insane more than any other. Organizing my screen. My main is a mage, and mages are given an absolute ton of things we need access to at various times. Previously? Sprocket took care of a lot of this clutter by giving me popups. However, from my readings, this addon has been abandoned and no one has taken up the reigns. (I'd do it myself, if I knew LUA. Which is on the to-do list, but that's another story)

    So here's what I'm looking for.

    A class-independant bar system with drawers.

    What are drawers? Ok you non-gnome users, here goes...

    Say we've got a button array given the following:


    Each with an icon, representing a "drawer". Now when I activate (or click) for instance, drawer 3, the representation would be as such:


    Basically allowing a popup of another "bar" that contains the icons there in.

    Now here's where this differs from most bar mods out there... What I'd like to see is:

    a) This being completely dynamic and seperate from the 120 buttons that are default in the UI (it's my understanding this is no longer a limit, and this could be entirely seperate)

    b) Nesting should be allowed, by which the following configuration could also be accomplished:

    [4] [3b1]
    [5] [3b2]

    Basically, this would allow me to keep a wide variety of thing near my fingertips, without requirement of me to clutter the screen. Most of the things i'd use in a system like this would be OOC, so opening the bar config during combat doesn't worry me at all.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I'd like something to drastically reduce the clutter of my screen, and since Sprocket no longer exists, this was my next best solution.

    Any interest? Any alternatives out there I don't know about?

    Thanks much.
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    Pardon my ignorance if there was a request for this feature already, but I could not find one after searching the thread, so decided to make my own mention of it:

    The only thing I find myself lacking after switching from CT_MapNotes (yes, that was my LAST ct_mod I was running, so thank you very much for this great find... now to pair down my listing), is the feature to send a map note from one player to a group. I now know it has the ability to send to people via whisper/guild channel. However sending to the raid/party and saying "meet here" would be a really really nice feature.

    Who knows, maybe even something like a "Send in Mail" as a future alternative (I don't even how tricky that would be as my knowledge of LUA is fairly limited, but hey, it'd be kinda cool yes?)

    Oh yes... one last thing.... note classes where in one note could be "private" (ie: that character only), or "public" (ie: All characters). I don't know if this functionality is in there in my limited testing thus far, but feel free to correct me if it is. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    EDIT: okay, so the notes I had in that I thought I had added were from an old system... added a new note only to find out most of my idea was there already.... however, the ability to expand upon it and send to raid/party would be nice. So I've modified the post with regards to this new request.
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    Quote from teedog »

    Also found this.


    My major problem with this addon is the horribly ugly interface. Hence the reason for my request... I want something simple, powerful, and CLEAN.... so far I have yet to find something that works for all of these.

    As for ignition, reading the patch notes and seeing that even a frost crit will reset the timer makes the mod completely worthless imho. That's kinda the point behind it is to only monitor those crits that actually MATTER. hence the idea of having a check in place for those who run the mod, based on talents, as to if you have ignite or not, and then only sending a signal if you do. Same holds true with imp scorch.

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    Okay, so after some further research, there is an addon to do the ignite thing as well... though good god the bloat!


    It's not only got an insanely huge interface, but has some very annoying (imho) sound effects that go along with it. Ugh.

    I'm looking for something clean, crisp, and easy to fit into my UI.
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    okay, so the name might not be the greatest in the world... but here's the basic idea.

    Being a fire mage, one of the 2 most important things that I need to watch are a) scorch debuffs, and b) ignite procs. So here's my basic thought:

    A simple ace addon, that would give me 2 candybars that could be placed whereever. First would be exceedingly easy to code I think, well, of course depending on how indepth people wanted to get with it. Second one? Yea... that's where the challenge comes in. So here's the details that should be on both bars:

    Bar 1:
    Scorch Debuff - Refreshes on each successful application of scorch. This should NOT be refreshed when the Fire Vulnerability portion of the scorch is resisted. (As it seems everything and their DOG has some bit of fire resist... damn you blizzard)

    Easy method of coding would be to simply watch my own scorches/firevuln procs... that's cake I think, and I've even got a (rather ugly) addon that does it right now, though I'm REALLY looking for a replacement. (ScorchWatch is it's name if people are interested) The tuff method? Make it work with all fire mages in the raid. Either by combat log parsing (not sure if that's possible) or using the new hidden channels to automagically sync up our bars. This would be a HUGE help for the raid members to know when a scorch was needed so we could maintain maxing out our dps.

    Of course, given the two, I'd love to see the Sync option. Again, it'd be a huge help for keeping us fire mages dishing out that massive damage we've come to know and love.

    Bar 2:
    Ignite Timer - This is where it gets tricky, though assuming the mod was already setup with a sync channel setup as in the previous bar, this might be easier than I thought. The bar should simply keep track of how long before the ignite wears off. We don't have to worry about it getting pushed off, as ignite has one of the highest priorities of any debuff out there. Trick is, it's got a 4 second duration, and at 1 second or so, it'd be nice to try to slam up a fireblast to try to retrigger the ignite. These rolling ignites are known to be the highest potential dps output in the game, as it's a HUGE amount of damage every 2 seconds. The trick of course is keeping it rolling.

    For those not familiar with how it works, here's how:

    Single Mage ignite rolling:
    Mage A crits fireball (Ignite Starts) - 4 second timer
    Mage A scorchs (1.5 seconds later) no crit - 2.5 second timer
    Mage A crits scorch (1.5 seconds later) - 4 second timer.
    Mage A fireballs (3 seconds later) no crit - 1 second timer.
    Mage A fireblasts (instant) no crit - ignite fades.

    okay, so that was mildly successful, but the trick is, ANY mage with ignite can refresh the ignite. Hence the need for a sync channel imho. if we all had the mod, and knew when the crits were happening, then we could more easily get that ignite rolling again as 5xFireblast would be a VERY high chance to ignite again (hell, my mage alone has a 30% chance to crit with fireblast)


    Anyone up for the challenge? I think you'd make the entire mage community happy as hell if you made something like this. Not only that, but I'd definately volunteer our guild mages to try this out, as we've been looking for something like this for quite a while, just been to damn busy to code it up.

    Thanks in advance!
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