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    Mmmm... well, although i haven't been a lot of time with Ace2 or any addon, I must say that Cartographer is a great Addon, and a nice code.

    The version that is still mantained by ckknight, is great. Works perfectly for me.

    And the purely (purely?) Ace2 based new fork version, well I haven't tested it yet, but I suppose that makes its work as well as Rock Cartographer.

    I think, however, that if ckknight is the creator of the code, and Carto1 uses his code, credit should be given to him, clearly enough to know that he is the one that started Cartogrpher. And, when code gets different enough, Carto1 programmers could get the credit for the code fully.

    BUT... if Rock libraries are based on Ace libraries, and other Ace addons use those libraries, as well as other Ace based libraries, and are still considered Ace based, not "other libraries Based"... Why is ckknight's Cartographer not considered totally Ace based addon?
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    Hi. I am new with WoW (just 4 months and 3 lvl 30 chars), and also noob with Ace, Cartographer and _Vendors and _Trainers.

    I am using the Spanish Client, and just have installed Wowace Updater. When I updated all Carto Addons (the versions that a friend installed didn't work with the latest patch) the modules _Trainers and _Vendors have stopped refreshing or importing the data from import.lua.

    The versions I have are: Cartographer (-50747), Cartographer_Trainers (-49725) and Cartographer_Vendors (-50914). All my Ace addons are updated with externals set to auto via WowAce Updater. WoW is updated with the latest patch, and I am using the Spanish Client.

    I don't know if the "non importing issue" is caused by a non-english client, or if the versions I have installed are beta, but I have became "dependant" on the "full vendor and trainer mapping". ?^_^

    Is there anything I can do to fix that?. Should I enter some slash command to make this import?

    Oh, and of course, superb work with that addons, I have had a look at the code, and it seems like a little (or big!) piece of art to me! Thanks for your work.

    ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
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