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    Quote from oFcAsHeEp »

    So, will that fixed version come out anytime soon? :)
    I've been using an old version of ClockFu till now, I didn't know about the "fix" :)

    I'm pretty sure the SVN version is fixed. Have you tried it? I'm using the one from http://www.wowace.com/files and it works.
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    Quote from shadowknight456 »

    Awesome, works perfectly for me.  I also found that if you turn of the groups, it will put em in order, but then if u turn the groups back on, it will put em in order AND in groups. I think thats how it should work, so if you could get it to do that on opening, that would be great!

    Hey good trick. I'll throw something like that in for the next release.
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    I just published version 1.4 to the sf.net site:


    This version now allows you to hide the groups which should help those of you who have been having problems with the sorting.

    Let me know if this doesn't help.
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    Quote from shadowknight456 »

    Got this error when tryin to update addons:

    - Error:
    System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1b03e6acf1164f73' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    File name: 'ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1b03e6acf1164f73'
       at WinAceUpdater.FileSystem.UnzipAll(String zipFilePath, String destinationFolder)
       at WinAceUpdater.MainForm.DownloadAndExtract(String addonName, Boolean skipExternals, Boolean skipVersionCheck)

    WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF.
    To enable assembly bind failure logging, set the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1.
    Note: There is some performance penalty associated with assembly bind failure logging.
    To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog].

    Kinda weird because it was working just find like 6 hours ago, but now its broken.

    That error tells me that your installation folder is missing some files. Are you sure that ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is still in that folder alongside the .EXE?
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    Quote from Nevan »

    First off, let me thank you for the wonderful post, PProvost. Especially pointing out that page is not equal to bar was helping me personally. That really cleared things up.

    Your proposed solution sounds good to me. Could it be that you did miss the rogue's stealth "form" or is this handled differently?

    Rogue stealth is handled by the built in bonus bar stuff.
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    Quote from Nickenyfiken »

    It was a discussion in the WinAceUpdater thread about this. The author basicly said he want it to be like that and SCT is also considered a final product so it wont be updated regularly on the SVN and when it is it will be updated on wowinterface.com. So its not really needed to be able to update SCT properly. Its not following the "standard" of how mods should be located on the SVN.

    I could just make the updater not update SCT or write special code to make it update properly. But the question is if its worth the effort if the mod is not updated regularly on the SVN.

    I think the "right" answer for this is for the ZIP file to be built based on where it finds TOC files and not based entirely on the SVN structure.

    Or someone with the authority (clad) could grab SCT and put it in SVN the right way. :)
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    RE: Sorting and Grouping

    I'm going to add an option to not show groups in the next release (and show the state in a column). This will let people on XP sort properly I think. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, you can just type the name you want and it will incrementally search for a match. So if you make sure the listview is selected and type "Aggro" it will select Aggromemnon. That should help.

    RE: SCT

    That is actually a problem in the ZIP file and not in WAU. Help me hassle cladhaire or the SCT author about that one. Fact is, if you pull the ZIP from www/files and extract it into your Addons folder, the same thing will happen.
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    This is a Request for Comment (RFC) on a pending redesign of Bartender2_Pagemaster. A number of people have been confused about how to use it and what it is for. This document will explain what it is and where I want to take it.


    Bartender2_Pagemaster started out as a quick and dirty mod that performed page changes based on meta key (ctrl, shift, alt) presses. (A page change means that Bar 1 will change to the given action bar page in the same way that the up and down arrows do when using the standard WoW action bars.) Another feature was added that enabled a page swap when a friendly target was selected.

    Another mod then was created called Pagemaster_DruidBar that swapped in a special bar for Druid in cat-form when in Prowl (stealthed). For many reasons this mod and Pagemaster were incompatible, so I incorporated this functionality into Pagemaster. Later someone added Priest Shadowform to Pagemaster as well, re-using the same page that was being used by the Prowl form code.

    At this point the page #s used for these swaps was hardcoded to the following values:

    ALT: 3
    Friend: 4
    CTRL: 5
    SHIFT: 6
    Prowl/Shadow: 8

    The final change to this setup, and probably the one that created the most confusion, is when I added in configurability to the mod. I injected options into Bartender2 which made the options available the /bar commands and to FuBartender2 (now FuBar_Bartender2Fu).


    From what I can tell, the major complaint about Pagemaster is that people don't see what they expect. They reasonably expect that setting the ALT-Page to 3 will show bar 3, when instead it shows Bar 4. It is even more confusing when they pick another page. Why? Because Pages and Bars don't map in a way that makes sense:

    Bar 1: Page 1
    Bar 2: Page 6
    Bar 3: Page 5
    Bar 4: Page 3
    Bar 5: Page 4

    Don't believe me? Paste this code into your favorite in-game Lua runner and try it out (I assume you have a print() function handy, if you don't then replace that with something else.)

    print( "Switching to page #" .. CURRENT_ACTIONBAR_PAGE )

    A Sidebar on Bonus Bars

    What about the Bonus Bar you ask? Well it is a bit complicated. It turns out that the Bonus Bar will use a different page depending on what class you areand what form/stance you are in. As a Druid, for example, when you are "standing up", you don't have a bonus bar, so GetBonusBarOffset() returns 0. When you switch to Cat form, you do have a bonus bar, so the offset is 1 which makes the bonus bar be page 7. Warriors have three possible stances, which means they can have three different bonus bars (pages 7-9). Luckily, Mikma and the other Bartender2 authors figured this out already, so we don't have to worry about this. (See http://www.wowwiki.com/API_GetBonusBarOffset for more information.)

    Proposed Solution

    So here is what I plan to do. I'm going to get rid of pages and make the configuration be bar based. In other words, you won't set ALT to Page 3, you will set ALT to Bar 4. And the same thing for the the other non-bonus modes (Ctrl, Shift and Friendly). And you will effectively disable them by setting them to Bar 1, which is your default bar anyway. This is the easy part.

    For the form-based page swaps, I will bake in the logic for you and you will just choose to enable it or not. I will probably not be baking it to page 8, but will try to be a bit smarter based on your forms. Personally, I think Druids should have three form-bars, bear, cat and prowl--but we only get one by default. And Priests need shadowform, but I don't think they need any others. There may be more, I'm not sure.

    The trick here is for me to find the right page without stepping on any others. There are 10 pages of 12 buttons each available to me. Pages 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all used by Bartender2 for Bars 1-5. Pages 7-9 are used by Bartender2 as bonus bars, only when you have bonus bars, but aren't used if you don't, so I can use them in certain circumstances. Pages 2 and 10 are always available to me.

    Anyway, I think I can figure this out, but before I do I wanted to see if I was missing anything. Are there other forms/modes I should support?

    If you have used Pagemaster, whether you liked it or not, please take a minute to think about all this and give me your feedback.

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    Quote from FlareCDE »

    Pagemaster is still non-functional for me as well.  Flashing bars and all that.  No actual errors generated.  This is with the latest revision as of twenty minutes ago.

    Okay. I suspect you are using Dreamlayout and Pagemaster had some old code left in it to deal with a bug in Dreamlayout. I have removed that code. The blinky should now go away. But it also might not work at all with Dreamlayout any more.

    Since I don't use Dreamlayout I won't be fixing it. If someone else wants to do that, I suggest you take the graphical style code from the existing layout and make it work like the code in Bartender2_Circles.

    Also, I'll be starting a new thread in a little while to collect feedback about a redesign of Pagemaster. Look for that thread later today and please comment on it if you have opinions. I know it is a bit confusing for some people so I will be working on that.

    UPDATE: Please post comments/suggestions for Pagemaster redesign on this thread: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=2530.0
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    posted a message on Squeenix - Some people enjoy putting square things in round holes
    I think FuBar_LocationFu gets rid of some of that stuff for you.
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    Quote from darkforce898 »

    Error updating AceGUI:

    AceGUI - Updating to rev 12403
    Downloading... done.
    Extracting ZIP file... done.
    - Error:


    there is only the elements folder inside AceGUI afterwards

    What version of Windows are you running? I'm trying to track this one down and haven't been able to reproduce it.
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    Quote from duoh »

    Thanks for the reply!. Now for the real question. I used the updater and it changed/overwrote my settings for aguf (and probably everything else too, but i didnt check). So i deleted my addons folder and put in my backed up copy and things were back to mormal. Any ideas as to why? I thought the settings were kept in the savedvariables folder. Or could it possibly just have been a change in the aguf mod itself? The player frame was a lot shorter.

    It did not change/update your settings. It doesn't touch your WTF folder. Now, it is possible that the newest version of aguf uses different settings than what you have, but I assure you it didn't do anything to your WTF folder.
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    Quokka, that might be a bug in S&D.
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    Quote from Verjigorm »

    wenn i start WinAceUpdater.exe
    i get an Error-Msg:

    that the Application couldnt be initialized (0xc0000135)


    Do you have the prerequisites? You need .NET 2.0 installed. See the wiki page: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/WinAceUpdater
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    Quote from Mr_Dove »

    The best way I can describe the problem I'm having with Pagemaster is this:

    There are two versions of the bars in my interface.  The Bartender bars and the flexbar bars.  Pagemaster is recognizing the flexbar numbers instead of the bartender numbers.

    For example, when I tell pagemaster to show Bar2 on <shift> it shows the flexbar version of bar2 NOT the bartender version of bar2.

    I"m not sure what caused this problem or how to fix it at this point.

    I'm not sure I can do anything about this, so let me explain.

    Pagemaster does NOT swap bars. It swaps pages. Inside the WoW action bar system there are 10 pages of 12 buttons each. Mikma has associated those with certain bars, but if you look at the default assignments that Pagemaster loads up with, you will see that they aren't 1,2,3,4. :)

    So all Pagemaster is doing is telling the built-in action bar code (which Mikma is hitchhiking on) to change to another page. This is exactly the same as using the up and down arrows in the built in UI. Pagemaster isn't doing anything else other than saying, "page = 4; swap pages;"

    I know this probably doesn't help, but I hope it explains what is going on.
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