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    posted a message on wowace/wau desperately needs stabel release designations or something similar
    wow I really wish WAU were titles something like WowAce Dev Code Updater

    I installed it awhile ago thinking that it would be a good way to keep my addons up to date. It does that, except that the updates are as likely to be untested alpha code as they are to be stable versions.

    So just how does one go about finding the stable versions of ace addons? WAU is definitely not the way.

    From what I can tell there isn't really such a system in place. So it might be something that should be added. Basically someway is needed to be able to flag a version as a release version vs a version due to any incremental code change
    And then WAU needs to be able to pick either the latest release release vs the latest code change
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    posted a message on Rock is pretty user-unfriendly
    Not sure if there's a point in trying to give some constructive feedback based on how touchy people seem to be here.

    So I'm just going to toss in my opinion and move on.

    Rock is not user friendly
    Stop dev on it until you can find someone that knows how to do usable UI dev.
    I'm also pretty disappointed to find out that pitbull uses it now as its config. I loved that addon, but I'm running into a lot of config bugs suddenly and trying to find options in rocks is a horrible experience.

    oh well time to find some new unit bars and maybe see if rock will ever trully mature into a usable config framework a long time from now

    last comment - Just because a developer thinks an app is easy to use does not mean that it is actually easy for anyone else to use - remember the developer often forgets what things are new or even not visible, where as someone else can't see what's not visible and doesn't automagically know what they didn't know before
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