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    Quote from rolfba
    I must say i dont see the big problem with the copy & pasting of urls. It took me around 20min to find urls for all my addons, just by looking at the unhandled page, searching on wowace / curse, and adding them.

    i can't say if i'll spend the 3 hours or so redoing about 380+ addons with WAU or curse or Jwow on 3 different pc's, and scratching my head with URL's for addons with duplicate wowint/curse/wowace locations, separated/bundled addons like auctioneer suite, or perhaps more popular items like lightheaded, cartographer or mobmap with multiple addon folders and no single URL. it's not a tidy system if you can't pin an addon to a source comfortable with auto updaters redownloading the same file 8-times a day, per-ip, etc.

    for authors like tekkub or elkano, etc, who have a dozen or so complementary addons on static pages like wowace or wowinterface, it seems perfect. neat. very 2006. no offense to those guys, they do good work, etc.

    thats not my situation, nor others. addons aren't all from wowace, wowint or curse, they are found on blogs, google code pages, buried in forum posts, etc. places where search engines fear to tread.

    So i dont see the big problem here. But if you want to start a wiki, by all means do so :)


    new users will need a bit of a primer in what URL's will/won't work for jwow2, pointing at wowint/curse/wowace and upcoming mirror sites is fine for now.

    i was somewhat used to this with WUU, hence the angry, bitter disappointment in going back to static URL's and losing all the genuine features from the original app. obviously that bridge is burnt now, and the well poisoned, etc. if i wanted WUU, i'd use WUU.

    while the 900+ posts of ongoing dialogue helps to explain the changes and the upcoming ones, it's still a functionally different program now.

    i've only somewhat recently given up on updaters to do the things i greedily accepted they 'did' as a job, its still a harsh awakening. i truly miss the old jwow, the auto-update to 2.0 was heart-rending, like waking up to the aftermath of a forest fire you didn't see coming.

    moreso for the UI changes from jwow 1 to 2, and the loss of functions that imaginably were linked to wowace ?, i.e. external lib checking ? checking for required dependencies ? all gone.

    ultimately, it seems that there is very much the developer/user relationship you see on other developer communities, i.e. "why do you only complain when i change things" responses. perhaps theres no good way of asking why an updater doesn't update. or perhaps, answering that kind of question either.
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    do you imagine that it would be an idea to have a wiki page somewhere for JWU users to share the excreable burden of gathering hundreds of URLS for links that will break several times this week alone ?

    or at least a couple of example 3.0 updates and their JWU URL's in a forum/jwow update somewhere ?
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    posted a message on We did automatic updating. Now lets consider something new.
    this reminds me of warcraftrealms, their addon already takes census data from the SV folder results of the addon, and produces some intriguing data over time, etc. so, the idea isn't new, it's just in need of a few core systems to organise it, perhaps by breaking a few existing system into something that will work.

    if you integrate more detailed bug info with a bugsack like addon, i.e. date/time, addons loaded, revision versions of each, etc. and dump it into an open session log, curseupdater can read it, upload it with the other user profile data it collects, and put it in a regular sql database (ideally a temporary one at first, then a separate bugDB)

    since curse can run in the background, it can return viable data quickly, i.e. within minutes of an event once the data is saved outside of the game.

    once you have a temporary submission system in place for the server, you can open up a window or an in-game chatlog item from the bugtraq (sic) addon to ask users what happened, or what they clicked on, etc. possibly it could read a flag inside your svn version info for compulsory nagging, or you could include the addon in your working/test copy on the curse site, etc.

    after that, either attach the submission entries to a ticket system, or, have the bugtraq entry readable on the developer's sub-site, with searchable criteria, i.e. have a blog or bugtraq system, link into an open submission database that can parse say, the 300-500 submissions for an addon, and pare the number down to say the 20 most recent, 20 most frequent, the number/chronology of purely identical errors, across revisions, all those brand new errors, oldest errors seen, number recorded this week, last week, today,etc., etc. with graphs, etc.
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    rsync, with a few modifications would handle FTP & folder content updates without having to use code versioning systems or embedded library/dependency handling. having the updater client support rsync as a mirror option would be ideal though, since you could run it in parallel with other mirrors, share the burden (sic)

    i don't know the stats or CPU usage for rsync/git/torrent updates for 1000+ concurrent users, definitely more than just HTTP. it's a mitigating factor, but it would immensely reduce bandwidth at the expense of more servers to handle connections.

    i.e. for the lazier developers, with the regular ftp/web submissions of zip files for new addon revisions, the next user or mirror that rsyncs, would just download the changed content between the user's version and the unzipped folder content on the server.

    the client would also likely just bumble it's way around embedded/external libraries like it does now. so it would only solve the one problem, bandwidth.

    arguably quite well though.
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    Quote from Lykofos
    If you had EVER visited the forums, you would have known this was coming.

    perhaps mentioning it OUTSIDE of the forums would have been a good idea, it would have picked up real interest, i assure you, instead of springing it on patch day for the drama.
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    Quote from DarkAudit
    That's a problem with the addon then, not JWU.

    actually, that's a problem with the updater in it's logical sense.

    sure, it's nigh impossible to have a central repository for all beta URL's for 500+ addons of varying compatibility with "echoes of Doom" 3.0.2

    the timing of your grand update is inexcusable.

    at least put in somewhere that you're sorry about the fact you've broken a good 98% of functionality for most users by having to manually search/visit the page URL for ~200 mods, that's not what an updater is for most people, certainly not me.
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