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    Version 1.0 is now officially released!

    -Displays number of items listed and/or deleted
    -Notifies user if nothing was found

    I recommend creating a macro to use this addon so you can simply click a button to clear your bags while raiding or farming. Advanced players may wish to use a modifier in the macro to either list or delete items depending on which button combination is pressed. I will be looking into a fubar plugin very soon for those not familiar with macros.
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    This is my very first attempt at an addon for any game. I couldn't find something that just deleted the trash from your bags with a simple command, so I made my own. It is very lightweight and only uses text commands to operate. I'm sure it could use some optimization here and there, so if you think you can help in that area feel free to look over the source code. Please post any bugs or feature requests in this thread. It will not be released on any other site until it has undergone thorough testing.

    /file13 info --display a list of items that are considered trash
    /file13 delete --delete all items considered to be trash (in theory this won't delete anything not listed by the 'info' command)

    You can also use /f13 to save a couple keystrokes.

    See next post for download link.
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