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    posted a message on AceConfig - 'input' mouseover area too big

    The following image shows a configuration dialog.

    This is the input control:

    filteredStrings = {
            order = 0,
            type = "input",
            name = "Filtered words and sentences (one per line):",
            multiline = 5,
            width = "full",
            set = function(info, val) PAS_SetModuleOpt(moduleName, "filteredStrings", PAS_Explode(val)); end,
            get = function(info) return PAS_Implode(PAS_GetModuleOpt(moduleName, "filteredStrings"), "\n") end,

    The problem is, that the area where the tooltip is shown and where the control would get the focus if clicked is too large. After clicking in the red area, the input control gets the focus and then everything behaves as it should.

    I already tried resizing the control and the whole dialog with no success. This problem only occurs when the input control has multiline set.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Every bit of help is appreciated!
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