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    First, I love this addon. I have Pokemon-Syndrome. You know the syndrome... where you gotta get them all. This mod's going to help me do JUST that!

    I know you said you're still working on the data for all of the tradeskills, but I thought I'd give you a hand on Jewelcrafting.

    First, here's a listing of gems and designs I have that the mod doesn't have in its database yet, which the mod informed me I should let you know about :-D
    • Falling Star
    • Steady Talasite
    • Relentless Earthstorm Diamond
    • Thundering Skyfire Diamond
    • Wicked Noble Topaz
    • Balanced Nightseye
    • Infused Nightseye
    • Purified Shadow Pearl
    • Purified Jaggal Pearl
    • Sovereign Shadow Draenite (You have this one, but you spelled Sovereign, "Soveriegn" in the check, although it's spelled correctly in the error message to let you know to add it to the database)
    • Crimson Sun
    • Don Julio's Heart
    • Kailee's Rose
    • Great Dawnstone
    • Mystic Dawnstone
    • Blood of Amber
    • Facet of Eternity
    • Stone of Blades
    • Crown of the Sea Witch
    • Necklace of the Deep
    • The Black Pearl
    • Brilliant Pearl Band

    Second, I wrote up a pretty detailed spreadsheet for my guild showing all the gem designs and where to get them. If you'd like to use it to help you add that data faster than scouring through Thottbot, Allkhazam or WoWhead, feel free. This listing doesn't not include Jewelcrafter-created items like necklaces, only gems.

    Jewelcrafting Spreadsheet
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