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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    i've a problem with the remaining debuff and buff time.
    The 1st Buff&Trackings group work fine as always (showing the statusbar and the countdown), anyway in my configuration i use another 2 groups...
    1 for my temporary buffs (like sprint, vanish, slice and dice ecc..) and another one (really really important to me) that displays my debuff on the current target (like my poisons, stuns, rupture ecc)..
    In the 2 other bars the countdown doesn't work properly... it doesn't refresh... umm it refreshes at random, evren if the same buff in the 1 default group is showed correctly.. i.e.: Sprint is showing the true remaining time (say 7 secs) in the 1st group, while in my personal buff bar is standing still at 15 secs)
    The weapon buff group has the same problem.
    Im using the r127 downloaded from curse.com

    Can you help me?
    Tx in advance
    (sorry im not english :\ hope its clear enough)
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