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    posted a message on LibRockConfig - Applying configTable changes

    My addon prefs look something like:

    + Textures
    .. + Borders
    .... item 1
    .... item 2
    .... item 3
    .. + Backgrounds
    .... item 1
    .... item 2

    If I wish to grow the tree, or remove an item, do I need to modify the Config table and resend it with :SetConfigTable? What are the performance implications of this? If it's a costly operation, is there a better way to make (minor) changes to the config table?

    So I'm modifying my config table and calling Rock("LibRockConfig-1.0"):RefreshConfigMenu(), and that seems to work fine.

    But I've gone and got myself stumped on another one:
    When the user clicks "Reset Profile" in the rock config, does this cause the addon to receive an event in the same manner as Addon:OnEnable(), Addon:OnDisable(), or Addon:OnProfileEnable()? None of the above seem to react to a complete profile reset.
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    posted a message on Pitbull & MT Frames
    I've done some searching on this forum, and asked around on the official forums, but haven't been able to get a straight answer... It's disappointing how hopelessly undocumented, this feature seems to be, both in the standard UI, and Pitbull.

    I'm trying to get my Pitbull UF to show MT frames in my raids. I've tried setting them through ORA2, and through the standard UI (/mt NAME), but neither work.

    What's up?
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