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    Two things have been failed to be made mention of here.

    1. Law types vary by state(read: body of government), impose many layers of crap when transfer is made between these states and/or across states, including and not including areas under certain international conventions, and are interpreted differently in different areas depending on laws stating how legal agreements should be interpreted in said area, even down to the language(spoken language) used to interpret the item regardless of its initial language.

    In other words, there's a crap ton of complications. ARR is an explicit definition that will probably never need clarification in most situations.

    2. Permissive/Copyleft Licenses/Rights attributions and any combination thereof do not necessarily have weight and/or validity in a given state. Also, many have not been put to solid test, in a single state, let alone all that may be necessary to regard in a specific incident.
    For example:
    Transfer across the world and use in a different state than author's AND from a distribution site in a YET different state, while even being bound to agreements in ANOTHER state, eg. Written in Germany, distributed in Mexico, bound to some agreements by blizzard in the US(possibly through proxy), while the end-user makes use of it in China.
    The GPL has not had any heavy arguments (or any for v3?) in the US, which is a case law state. In other words, we don't know if it'll ever be worth a damn in the end, a single case can screw its validity as a whole.
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    posted a message on StarTip - official thread
    so far, i'm digging it
    perfect transition to continue from tipbuddy (the old one) to cowtip to it, thanks

    two tickets on the tracker, theres a few more things, but i'll start with the bugs
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    A thought about how to implement "known" flight points: InFlight could color the icons it creates on Cartographers map with, say, red for unknown, and the standard green for once they are known. Also the tooltip there can easily provide extra info for those who can't figure out the color scheme ;x This really is all you would need, I don't see routes being necessary as you can go any where on a continent from any FP now, but if enough demand, maybe a separate module to keep InFlight itself light?

    Thanks for InFlight and Capping, they're simplistic and perfect, been using since public. Hope to see known/unknown eventually.

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    I've noticed some of the recipes not coming up with who has learned them, can learn them, and so on when I'm checking the AH.

    Mechanical Squirrel
    Most all 300+ world drop green JC recipes
    and a few select others, which i will try to make note of

    I don't drop by here too often, but I'll try and remember to look. If you need further info, send a mail to doomsbank [Ally] US-Mannoroth.

    I am a complete recipe whore, so I'll keep looking as I scour for complete recipes on all skills.
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    Just installed this as I've been looking for an addon to view the guild bank away from it and it seems to work just fine. I, however, have a request. I use some other mods which provide bag/bank count tooltips for items and show my bags/bank anywhere. I wish to continue using these mods for some various reasons along with there capabilities without spending a page going into details.

    What I'm looking for out of BankItems if possible would be to separate the ability to have it retain bags/bank/gbank. In other words I would like to use it solely for the Guild Bank as I think it does a fine job, however I would not like to be retaining all the overhead for the bags/bank including the excess tooltip info. Basically, I think breaking the 3 parts down into modules similar to OneBag or Bagnon's setup would be ideal.

    Thanks for your work, lemme know what ya think
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    posted a message on No add ons show in the WAU
    Quote from Grendalf »

    I cannot my addon list either but my firewall isn't blocking the port or whatever. I can see it is downloading a list of 179 kb but once downloaded nothing...

    I have the version

    thank you

    Same problem without a firewall on even.

    As per the info listed in the Common Problems thread (http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=8298.0) two things are not true:

    the first, which i think is just an error in the thread is the temp directory is not at:
    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\***\Local Settings\Application Data\Temp\WowAceUpdater

    but more importantly even with deleting the temp directory found at:

    C:\Documents and Settings\***\Local Settings\Temp\WowAceUpdater

    "latest.xml" and "latest-noext.xml" are not getting created
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    posted a message on Sphere - Sphere Mod for all Classes
    Getting a: "Gratuity-2.0: Invalid spell slot in SetSpell"

    when putting Stoneskin Totem in a button


    EDIT: 44897 lib update apparently fixes error is still there after running for some time

    threat lib error is still there

    EDIT2: error is now popping up when looting
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