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    posted a message on Recap by Hawksy - Unofficial Thread of Link Goodness
    So, this is very confusing.... it appears the WowAce Recap is a parallel project as the files are different the the ones presented on Curse.com

    UGH... mirror the files or change the name!

    I am not crazy... go download from both sites and examine the unzipped files!
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    great addon... As a hunter I have many addons for this.. I found in the code a switch for dead zone but did not see a interface option for it. I simply changed "true" to "false" right in the code and now it does not wrongly report a dead zone since that was eliminated! (sure this is a quick hack)

    Now I have two request for this addon that other addons for this same function have:

    - be able to change displayed text words
    - display numerical range instead of AND in addition to displayed text if desired
    - display stays active for corpses and friendly targets (perhaps some sort of distinction as well)

    This is by far one of the smoothest range addons... very slick and trim

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