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    Quote from rolfba »

    Sounds to me like a firewall issue, your browser is allowed through, but WAU and JWU isnt. If you have a firewall, check that it allows the updater your trying to use to connect to the internet.


    Not using any firewall atm. Well the one on router, but afaik that one only blocks acces to ports, not programs or applications. And as I can easily download from wowace.com and other sites, I can tell you that the port isn't blocked :)

    so what else could be wrong?
    A guildie said he tried the same thing. and his got working agian by changing DNS. but this doesn't seem to work for me..
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    "No addons found on wowace.com, check internet connection or that wowace isn't offline atm."
    I get this message as soon as I run the updater when it starts scanning and also if I try to rescan.
    Currently my addons folder is empty besides the blizzard ones. And adding an addon to the folder doesn't make it show in the updater either -so basically this thingy doesn't work in any way it should atm. - for me

    I can see no addons on the "install new addons"
    I did try to change timeout to 30 - doesn't work.
    I do have perfect connection to www.files.wowace.com - I have no problems downloading from this site at all.

    Before I used WAU. I wanted to try out JWU because my WAU suddenly stopped working.(and because I can get the few addons from curse in this updater so I only need to use 1 and not 2 updaters) As a matter of fact I think the error message was something about the same as the one I have now. That it can't connect to wowace.com ..

    soo, what's wrong?
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