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    I'm no addon author or I'd do it myself, but I would like to see a "bag is full" notifier now that autoloot is part of the standard UI. I got so used to autoloot_fu telling me when my bags were full, that I'm sitting there trying to loot a dead mob and I can't pick up the loot. I'm thinking one of my addons is still hinky, so there I am logging off and on turning off and on various addons trying to loot the mob, never thinking that my bags were full. Yeah, I need to check my bags (even more embarrassing is that I have garbage_fu and it tells me I have 0 bag slots, lol), but this should be simple for someone to do and helpful too.

    **Edit: I have found, by playing another class, that what I supposed was incorrect. I do get a full bags notifier; however, what is happening is that my notifier is counting empty bags spaces in ammo bags and soul bags, thus no notifier. I would alter my suggestion to reflect that any addon produced would only need to alter the full bags notifier to not count the empty bag slots in the ammo and soul bags.
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