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    Quote from Jandoras
    I have had serious disconnect issues the past few days during raids (and only from our 25-man raids). After cycling through turning off the few raiding addons I run, ZOMGBuffs does appear to be the culprit but I need to confirm that a little more with tonight's raid. For me, I am not sure yet whether or not another of our raiders uses ZOMGBuffs but I am going to find out that as well before the start of our raid.

    I'll update this after some more testing tonight. I really love this mod and would rather not have to live without it's use.

    Update: Ran with ZOMBBuffs with the PallyPower Comms module disabled and had no disconnects all evening in TotGC 25.

    I am also having disconnect issues if me and the other pally tries to log on with it enabled in a raid we both keep getting dc'd until we disable them...and I really miss having it in a raid!
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