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    What exactly does this addon do? The description says that it makes applying and moderating poisons (and weapons buffs) easy...Well, easy would mean that instead of opening my bag window, opening my character window, right clicking on a poison and clicking on a weapon, that I simply click on something that does it all at once. There's an addon called PoisonMenu that does this VERY well (a minimap icon shows all of your poisons, and when you left click on a poison, it applies it to your mainhand weapon, when you right click it applies it to offhand). The problem is, I use an alternate minimap, and the minimap icon never shows up.

    Can this addon incorporate more than just information, but also allow the player to quickly and easily apply poisons (or buffs)? Or perhaps even better, can someone who understands the fubar/ace2 coding create a fubar plugin for PosionMenu? I briefly looked into it, but wouldn't know where to begin - unless there is a step-by-step tutorial someplace showing how to make fubar plugins.
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