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    Looking for an existing addon. Or possibly pointers in the direction of learning how to make what I assume is a fairly simple addon.

    I want to be able to name some say "Boss X" then have the ability to input text, assign it to a class, and press a button to spam the proper texts to the right classes in the raid.

    Theoretically with a dropdown menu in game that will show all the names I create in alphabetical order. And a "send messages" button.

    So that I can write short bits of key information to people, or guild/ class notices and spam it to my raid or group all at once.

    In game just shows a small box with a drop down menu of names I've assigned like
    Box 1
    Warning 2

    And once selected I have a little button under it that says "Send Messages"

    Pressing it will send messages to my entire raid based on their class.

    Out of Game:
    Relatively easy way to assign names of events. And to put text in for each class and event.
    Box 1

    I know the text would have to be written and put into the addon outside of wow right? But is there an addon, or an easy way to create one that would do what I'm looking for?

    Thanks so much,
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