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    First off thanks to devs for making this great addon! I have a small suggestion tho from my experience of using it that might be beneficial. There is currently an option to 'filter auras' which only displays castable buffs and curable debuffs. There is also currently an option for 'debuff highlighting'. I need to play without the 'filter auras' option on so I can see all the buffs and debuffs on players in my party. However I want to be able to quickly, visually, see when there is a debuff to cleanse. My suggestion is that there be an option to highlight the unit frame ONLY when there is a debuff which you can cleanse. If possible, in addition to highlighting if you could make the border of the unit frame turn to a very visible colour depending on the type of debuff that needs to be cleansed (different colour for magic, poison, and curse). Each class can only cleanse up to 2 types of debuff out of magic, curse, poison. Where there are 2 types of debuff to cleanse the border of the unit frame would change to 2 colours one on the left half and one on the right half.

    thanks, take care.
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