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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    ag_UnitClass.lua: line 939, 1486 and 1489, SetText(): Font not set.

    This problem is caused by the modification of ag_FrameTemplate.xml line 3:
    "<FontString name="agUFShadowFont" font="Fonts\FRIZQT__.TTF""
    "<FontString name="agUFShadowFont" font="Fonts\FZXHJW.TTF""
    I changed the font because FRIZQT__.TTF does not support Chinese characters.

    In zhCN clients, this "Font not set" error makes ag_UF completely unusable.
    However, without any modification, agUF works pretty well, except the fact that the name of my character, the mobs, party members do not show up.

    Please take a look.

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