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    New Additions -

    Feeds :
    Broker RangedSpeed
    TB Auto-BG
    VertiBroker Bags
    VertiBroker CombatLog
    VertiBroker Durability
    VertiBroker Mail
    VertiBroker Money
    VertiBroker Tracking
    VertiBroker Stats
    VertiBroker Zone


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    Quote from OrionShock
    WoWI is using java btw.. the entire thing is autodetected. So im gonna go with a browser problem on your side that is preventing the flash object from loading so it falls back to using javascript.

    WoWI isn't detecting flash for me either, with or with out no script. (WoWI is set to allowed anyway... *shrug*) But what ever, I think I only had to input the captcha once.
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    A lot of people have pointed out the huge ups and downs of the raid wide buffs, plus graphical upgrades and such. For people running higher end systems, you all have higher settings than people with low-end systems, so your "max" settings are actually different than people with older machines. I don't even get the option to set my shadow quality with my video card; and technically... it's old, but not ancient.

    So considering the fact that there are double the spell effects going on in a 25 man, double the buffs ... give or take, double the combat log entries, etc etc. I could see it adding up. Especially with short - time buffs like warrior buffs. It's a lot of information being sent/received, and a lot of information to process.

    That's all just a layman's conjecture though.
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    Finally fixed the percentage signs marring the layout. Redundant span notation = fail. Sorry about that. xD

    'New' Stuff -
    *LDB - Antislack

    *Guild Craft
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    Quote from durcyn
    no, i'm lazy.

    As I was scrolling down, I thought your top post's gnome was facing right, and the bottom's was facing left.... It was trippy.... I'm tired.
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    Quote from OrionShock
    My addon "GuildCraft" has a LDB feed for it's options and browser. It's standalone ofc, but has a feed :)

    Might addon one for my other mod, tho i don't know what it'd do...

    Added it to my local file, it'll go up next time I push an update. :)
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    Updated it again, fixed some things, and added a bunch.
    I was tired when i compiled the new stuff, so... I'm not so sure I filtered out things that may have been considered 'stand alone' as well as I could have. I dunno, it's hard to tell some times.

    Lemme know if things should be swapped around or something.

    So to the meat! This is what was added. =D
    LDB addons:
    Critline 5
    Grinding Tracker
    Spoils of War
    TourGuide - TLF
    TourGuide - TMFF
    Stand Alones w/ LDB feeds/support:
    Acherus Runes
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    Quote from Phanx
    ... WoW didn't attain such success because someone wrote a great addon for it.

    Although people have tried making similar claims. :p

    There's the REALLY great line of "so and so's addon is one of the few reasons i still PLAY this game"

    ...ooooooookay :p
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    Hrm... after a week I'd have thought more people would've tagged their stuff for the new category. It is 'plugins' right? O_o
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    Quote from Xinhuan
    Remember also that some languages do not even have "plurals" such as Chinese.

    That would explain my food always being done in 'ten Minute'. xD
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    Quote from OrionShock
    that they where so clear and percise with no Q&A with the authors is what's unsettling, that's what i mean phanx.

    I do enjoy coding addons, and i do it in my spare time. Heck i don't even have a donate link anywhere in my addons. I just think they could have handled it better that's all.

    And there's still the chance that it may get handled better. Which is pretty much what I was trying to get at before. >.>
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    Quote from ant1pathy
    The author of nUI is dropping his project too. And it is, of course, up to Blizzard how they want to enforce this. Taking nUI's example, where on update it has (once) a little popup that says "thanks for using, please donate!" that's easily closed and doesn't come up again, Blizzard could just not bother to ban its use. They CAN choose to ignore addons; doing what they did just gives them a solid legal base to move from when/if they feel the need to go after an addon (such as Carbonite).

    People just love to be emo and over-react to things, before they even know the full extent of a given 'problem'.
    I think authors of little niche mods that are supported by actual 'fans' need to calm down their ovaries, do nothing, and wait and see.

    It really annoys me to see one of the few areas of the WoW community explode into drama because of an initial release. Fuck knows, this could be their 'beta' terms so to speak. >.O

    Or they may just turn a blind eye to things that really aren't hurting anyone. The whole damn things was concocted with obvious goals in mind, the stuff outside of that scope probably won't even be noticed, unless some one feels like being a particular ass hole at some point.
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    Quote from Adirelle
    I was considering using it only in arena/battleground.

    Moreover, I think I will add an option to disable farclip updates. Even if it is the parameter that have an heavy effect outdoors, it seems to create disk (and I guess memory) stress and thus to create some instability.

    HunterZ touched on this already, but maybe changing the frequency of it's adjustments would be beneficial? Possibly slow down the rate at which it decides your settings need to be tweaked. I noticed that there are times where I'm standing still and it's twittering things higher and lower because of 1 - 3 fps differences. Possibly a configurable setting that it can check against for how long a person wants it to wait during an fps increase or decrease, before it moves anything. ie The user tells it to wait 5 seconds after fps decreases, before it decides to change settings.

    I'm really tired, so i may have to re-write this later, to make more sense. >.>
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    Quote from xtoq
    How hard would it be to make a category section, like if I want to know all the LDB feeds that are for displaying money on your toon or whatever? I'm willing to help with it...just not very familiar with the way you're coding the list.

    Reagent Broker

    TBH I've thought about it myself, but I wouldn't know how to go about it exactly either, other than create another wiki page and just try to categorize things by hand.

    I have Nongren in for my next update... I don't know how the hell I missed Reagent Broker though. xD Thanks.

    Edit: Updated - Added Fern, Nongren, Broker_Paladin Buffer, Reagent Broke, Commander, gBroker: Emote
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    Regarding aesthetics, ya might want to throw in a label/text/icon for the LDB feed.

    edit: removed stupidness
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