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    Thank god they fixed CC.
    Not so bad now. Pretty good actually, once you get used to it.
    Fixed a lot of addons that hadn't been updated in much longer than WAU's been kaput.
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    Software projects can always be resurrected.
    Just look at pcc.
    That is, if you're not too busy patrolling the forums :rolleyes:

    Anyway, like I said. I have better things to do.
    I ought to play WoW less anyway.

    To whoever's in charge around here: WAU will always be remembered fondly, and my offer will remain open. I sincerely hope you will reconsider.
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    Check the edit, mate.
    I'm not saying you guys don't need to re-organize your development and delivery strategy.
    But abandoning WAU is not the answer.

    For the record:
    Yes, users suck. They expect the world on a silver platter. Don't understand shit. Won't give you a dime to save your life (ok, maybe to actually save your life. But you'd never get them to believe your life is actually in jeopardy until you're laying dead at their feet!). And, in fact, they give you nothing but grief.
    Frankly, it's amazing you went on as long as you did.
    But, ultimately, without "them" there's no "us". Granted, I'm not a developer (in this context). I'm just another one of your users (of WAU).
    I don't blame you. But CC (and Curse) does suck. WAU rocks.
    It's as simple as that. And, it's the God's honest truth.

    I can't pay your rent in someone else's house, but I can offer you a home in mine. And, it's a very nice house << link removed >>.
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    WAU was very cool. So far this CC crap sucks ass. BOO.

    Ok, found the threads explaining the situation.
    Still doesn't change the state of suckage.
    If you needed help so badly, you should have sent email to your user base concerning such a major turn of events for such a LOVED thing as WAU.
    Personally, I have better things to do than scour the forums of every online community I'm associated with, searching for pleas for help. (WAU is worth saving though!!!). Frankly, it was so useful, so awesome, the thought of it failing never occurred to me.

    I can, however, provide hosting that would cover your action. Granted a TB hit in one day is heavy, no doubt. But I can cover it. Free of charge if you're willing to consider resurrecting WAU.

    I'm sure you've had a ton of offers for hosting, mainly by people who are unqualified / ignorant of quality hosting, or who have mixed intentions.
    I assure you this offer is sincere and legitimate by a professional and experienced systems / network administrator with resources to spare, and who happens to love WoW and WAU.

    You're probably familiar with << name removed >> already. If not, you should be. Quite simply, the best in the biz.
    << link removed >> (External Link)
    You'd have full autonomy (but not root).
    No interference and no bitching about the cost.
    VPS, PHP, MySQL, SSH & SVN (1000's of accounts if you need), multiple OC3's... and tons more, read up on it.
    I don't want to be actually involved in your forums or your site, either.
    No offense, I just have better things to do.
    I DO however, want WAU back, and would be glad to be a part of giving that (back) to the world, and am willing to host this indefinitely if that's an option.

    Contact me by email if willing. I probably won't check this thread again.
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