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    EDIT: Turns out it was Elvui Addonskins causing the problem, never had an issue before this patch so didn't think about checking that at first.

    Hi, love your addon. Currently using it to make my weakauras look nicer, but I've been having a strange problem since 7.0. Any aura that's in a group gets a dark overlay. I've got some comparison pictures to show what I mean:

    The left aura initially looked like the right one. I then added it to a group which gave it the dark look. After that I removed it from the group and duplicated it, which gave me the right one. Both have identical settings.

    This is what they look like with Masque turned off.

    This is what my main group looks like with and without masque.

    No matter what I change in either WA or Masque settings, the group auras remain dark. I also tried making two completely new auras and adding them to a new group, to make sure it wasn't something weird going on with my old group, with the same result.

    I know this could be an issue with either WA or Masque, but I was hoping someone here might have an idea as to what is causing it.
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