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    Hey guys,

    Just thought id toss out this idea for an addon....

    So many times people including myself, are always looking for other players to craft them items.

    Well, it would be nice to be able to have an addon that would be basicly a cross between a friends list and a tradeskill log....let me explain...

    It would be an addon that you could add players to a list and it would also record their tradeskill LINK....you know...how you can link your tradeskill in chat and once clicked it lists all the items you can craft.

    Well, Make a LOG addon that you can save players AND their clickable tradeskill link...preferably it would monitor wether they were nline or offline...but i know the limitations of 50 FRIENDS etc....so in the very least...make it so you could have a unlimited log of players and their tradeskills...

    This way it would promote people to RETURN to their favorite Blacksmith...or Leatherworker etc.

    Just an idea
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    Dont mean to bring up an OBVIOUSLY known issue, however, has there been any headway for a fix for the sticking pop out button issue?
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