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    Is there a way to have "bindable" key for feed pet ? :)
    And another way to have a sound warning when pet need to be feeded ? :)

    (yeah like FWG Feed'o'Matic but this one had some trouble sometime finding food)
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Actually with the latest (and with many other build) Bartender3 i have severe/huge FPS loss (with it : less than 5 fps, without : 25 fps)
    With or without other addon the problem is the same and whatever i do i got this issue.
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    Quote from deep »

    This code in oRA2/Leader/Maintank.lua (line 439) doesn't work with the name of a warrior in my guild:

    -- lower the name and upper the first letter, not for chinese and korean though
    if GetLocale() ~= "zhTW" and GetLocale() ~= "zhCN" and GetLocale() ~= "koKR" then
    name = string.upper(string.sub(name, 1, 1)) .. string.lower(string.sub(name, 2))

    His name starts with "À", which is a two-byte UTF-8 character. string.upper("à") does correctly return "À", but string.sub works with the bytes of the string and not the characters. :(

    Same problem with an MT called "Änka"
    But someone with CT_Raid was able to put it as MT and it works with oRA2.
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    Quote from alarion »

    Raid Pets:
    For some reason, I can't get pets in the raid displayed although the "hide frames" option is disabled. Scale etc. is set properly too, any ideas? (do they even work?)

    Had the same problem here.
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