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    Ah, got it to work. For some reason I couldn't set these things in my LUA files, as it said the value of AzDKPForm was nil. Guess i'm doing it wrong somewhere.

    Added the scripts right into the XML instead, and that works nicely :)

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    I thought events could only be recorded by a frame when it was visible? Or is that only valid for the OnUpdate event?

    In any case, will try that out when I get home this afternoon, thanks for the help man :)

    (And yeah, what I posted had allot of typos and stuff, not quite sure how that happened when I copy-pasted in here. It didn't have that in my real code.)
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    Alright, the code I tried using was the following:

    local frame = CreateFrame("AzDKP_Frame")
    AzDKP_Frame:SetSecript("OnEvent", function()
    	if GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 and AzDKPForm:IsShown() then
    	elseif not AzDKPForm:IsShown() then

    This code looks alright to me, but unfortunally it doesn't seem to do anything. Also doesn't spit any errors.

    I have also uploaded my code here on Curseforge, if you want to have a look at all of it, however there I don't have this code included:
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    Hey guys!

    I'm almost done with my first addon, but there's one small thing i'm missing.

    I have one frame (made in XML) and one LUA file.

    The frame is called AzDKPForm.

    Basicly, I want this frame to always be hidden outside of raids, and always shown in raids. I've Understood that I have to use the RAID_ROOSTER_UPDATE event to check this, and also GetNumRaidMembers(), but I just can't get it to work.

    Anyone got some kind of standarized code for this?

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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Thank you for finally using a good keybinding interface! Love keybound!

    It's the only thing that have kept me away from Bartender3, Bongos was just so much easier to keybind.

    Now though, i'm all bartender :D
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    Well, what can I say, superb software! I've been running mostly 6 month old addons becouse i'm too lazy to update (I have ALLOT of addons), but this solved all my problems :) Had a few problems with addons it couldn't update, as the addons have changed names and form. That's to be expected though I suppose, I doubt the software was made to support such old addons in the first place :) Will work from now on though!

    Also, couldn't get linux version to run. Most likely it's me messing up the compiling (yeah, I suck), so I used windows version with Wine instead. Worked flawless.

    Thank you for this truly great piece of software!
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